“Those who sow with tears – will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them” (Ps 126:5, 6)


This is God’s law: genuine repentance of sins is necessary before the entrance of peace and joy. If God shall use you as His servant, He shall first of all break your heart. All hardness of sin and the pride of self must be destroyed. The heart of God’s servant must be a heart of flesh, tender in God’s mighty hand. Without tears Hannah could not have had Samuel. Without tears Nehemiah could not have been sent to build Jerusalem. Without tears Ezra could not have brought in revival. Jeremiah wept for his nation until no more tears were left.

There are tears in hell and painful gnashing of teeth. This is because, while on earth, the cheeks were dry. This is because sin looked like a joke and the fear of God was absent. God answers prayers! But God always answers desperate, tears- on –the- face prayers of His children. It is true that one day, Jesus shall dry our tears for in heaven the songs of joy have overpowered the sorrow of death. But until then, we should weep for our sins and for revival to come to our city. The preacher needs to pray before he goes to the pulpit. His heart must break for lost souls. He must taste the salt of his tears before he will be used by God. Ministry done with a dry heart and a powdered face is nothing but a failure.

When last did you weep for sins, for souls, for the need of revival? Do you want to be used by God? There is a time to weep and there is a time to rejoice. Do not confuse the seasons! Be faithful in them!

The Salvation Army was founded by a Methodist preacher by the name of William Booth.  Its mission was to share the message of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Booth sent many people all over England burdened to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He sent two women Kate and Mary Jackson to Leeds to oversee a mission there. They labored in Leeds for a couple of years and nothing happened. These young ladies toiled every day giving all they had without any return. Then one day they wrote to William Booth, “Would you kindly move us to another station? We’re so tired and disheartened. We’ve tried everything that we’ve been taught to do. Please move us to another location”

Booth sent a telegram back with two words written: “Try tears!”

Those two sisters began to pray and travail for souls and they finally experienced real revival. Kate and Mary did just as General Booth said, and God moved mightily. The Leeds Salvation Army church soon became the largest outside of London.

When it comes to souls, there is no reaping without weeping. When all seem hard and ministry fails…when the worship is on a wrong key and the congregation seems bored… when words fall to the ground hopelessly…when the enemies multiply around you…when you are tired and discouraged…when nothing works…then stop all things, kneel down and pray. Ask God for the blessing of a broken tender heart! Weep before the altar! Pray and trust God!

“Try tears! This is a tasted word, tried in the fire! It shall never fail to move the hand that holds the stars! Your prayers shall be answered! ” – says the Wonderful Counselor!


In Christ I declare:

I am dead to sin!

I am a servant of God!

I pay the price for true ministry!

In Jesus name


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