“Here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the Lord and his Anointed. Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey have I taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe to make me shut my eyes? If I have done any of these things, I will make it right” (1Sam 12:3)
Bribe is a gift of money or favor, given or promised, with a secret purpose to influence the conscience of a person in authority. The bribe is always given with an evil motive. It is to ‘buy’ time, favor, friendship or an opportunity from a person who has the authority to give those. A bribe may look like an innocent gift, but if it changes the behavior of the receiver towards the giver, then it is evil. Bribe is the manifestation of an evil spirit of manipulation and witchcraft.
How do I know the difference between a good gift and a bribe? The answer is: prayer! You cannot know the heart of any man who looks friendly and generous towards you. This is an example of a good gift: “giving thanks”. Humble gratitude is a good gift, worthy of acceptance in heaven and on earth.
Like poison inside chocolate, the bribe comes as a nice package carrying an evil spirit. From the moment you accept the gift your thinking, speech and actions shall be impaired. You shall become biased in your judgments. You shall become afraid to do the right thing. Your conscience will be wounded and guilt will follow. It will limit your freedom as a child of God. The religious spirit of pride shall soon come in.
Samuel is a good example of a servant of God who kept his testimony. He identified bribes as spiritual blindness, cheating and oppression. These words in Hebrew mean violence, deceit, strife, quarrels, discouragement, broken heart and unnecessary sorrows. The spiritual sight and God’s favor is lost.
The bribe disqualifies you from leadership and affects your anointing as a minister of God, especially the prophetic discernment. Your testimony shall be damaged.
What is the solution? Repent of sin! Stop deceiving yourself and others! God knows all things! Come to the Cross and repent. Return the evil gift or destroy it. Deliver yourself from the snare of the enemy.
What is the protection? For as long as you love God, His truth, His testimony of righteousness in you more than material things, you shall be protected from the sin of bribe. Your spiritual eyes shall always be open to detect the snares of the enemy. Your heart will remain pure and strong.
May your eyes be open! May your heart be pure! May your testimony be restored! To the glory of God!
In Christ I declare:
I hate the sin of Bribe!
I will never give or receive any bribe!
I shall wait for God to give me all that I need!
In Jesus name

2 comments on “THE SIN OF BRIBE

  1. Cheri says:

    Awesome word Lia. We purposed to never give a bribe while in your country, and in all of the years we lived there, no matter what happened and how many threats we faced, God delivered us from them all, and we got to see His hand at work. It was wonderful. A very needful word in this hour. God is my help…..whom shall I fear!!

    • Lia Leigh says:

      That is one of the secrets of anointing: refusing to become intimate with the evil spirit of bribe that says: ‘the end justifies the means’. That is one of the most successful lies of the devil. May the sound of the trumpet be heard! To the glory of God!

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