“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and prove Me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it…And all nations shall call you happy and blessed, for you shall be a land of delight, says the Lord of hosts” (Mal 3:10-12)

This is my testimony: I tithe for many years. I did not tithe immediately after I became saved. I was ignorant and proud. But once God’s light shone on my heart, I repented and started tithing consistently. It did not matter the amount of money I received, salary or gifts. Each time ‘money came to me’ I took it as a privilege from God and obediently I separated the tithe first of all. With time, I saw the difference. My faith matured, my peace and joy became stable, my finances increased and my health became better. I never regretted my obedience to God. Whatever I counted as loss became multiplied gain. The following are simple guidelines to help in the matter of tithing as a child of God. Pray for confirmation!

A tithe is defined as a “tenth part”. It is the “first fruit” of your material increase. The principle behind it is that you recognize God to be first in your life and your source of supply; He is the cause of your prosperity. Therefore, the tithe is not ‘any tenth’ but the first tenth of your income.
Tithe is worshipping Jehovah Jireh!
What is an offering?
An offering is a financial gift of any amount as God has prospered you over and above your tithe.
Why should I tithe?
Tithing is a spiritual command from God to walk in obedience to God’s Word. I tithe to support the work and vision of my church. Another reason why I tithe it is to cause the windows of blessings to open for me because of my alignment with God’s Word. This is God’s express way to bless me and my finances.
How much should I tithe?
The Biblical tithe is 10% of all your increase
Where do I tithe?
You tithe to the place where you receive your spiritual food and help. Generally, but not limited to it, that place is your local church
What happens if I don’t tithe?
God calls you a robber and your disobedience causes you to live under a curse. Ignoring the tithe you limit God in blessing you and you limit the impact your church has in your environment.
What are the benefits of tithing?
The House of God is well provided for. There shall be no lack of means or money to carry out God’s work. The windows of heaven shall open over you to pour out a blessing so great that ‘there will not be room enough to receive it’. That means God’s pleasure and favor is over you, manifested in many blessings. God will rebuke ‘the devourer’ (satan) so that he will not destroy your harvest. Lastly, you will be recognized by men as ‘blessed’. Your visible blessings, spiritually and materially cannot be hidden.
What should my attitude toward tithing be?
I should be willing to pay my tithe. It is a privilege. I should have an attitude of joy that God has blessed me enough to contribute to the increase of His Kingdom on earth.

This is God’s mathematics: if you tithe well, you shall be blessed, spiritually and materially. What you will notice is that your mental state changes, attitudes of self-righteousness, selfishness, pride and fear will slowly disappear. This will create a fresh flow of visible blessing in your life. All believers who tithe consistently have experienced the supernatural manifestations of increase in their finances. I have not met any believer who regretted paying his tithes. They are all grateful for the privilege!

If you do not tithe well, or if you do not tithe at all, you will limit God in blessing you, spiritually and materially. The Holy Spirit shall convict you of sin, of rebellion and disobedience. You may hide the voice of your conscience but you cannot quench it completely. Therefore, your peace and joy is not complete. In this case you have to repent of sin to God and to your pastor. Let him pray for you. Let him bless you. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you, to remind you, to give you the right attitude in regard to the tithe. Then leave the results with God. It may take some time, but sooner or later you shall experience the effects of the blessings: increase in your finances (even with the same amount of work or less), no more hospital bills, no more accidents and no more sudden losses. Then you shall have your own testimony as an obedient child of God who actively promotes the interests of the Kingdom of His Father. I encourage you to start or to continue to pay your tithes. God bless you and the work of your hands!

In Christ I declare:
I pay my tithe!
I am blessed!
Call me BLESSED!
In Jesus name


  1. Jemine Leigh Oakes says:

    It is certainly a blessing and a priviledge to tithe. I’ve found that even when funds are tight and we could probably use that money for something else but we still choose to tight, God finds a way to bless us still. God never lets us starve, or allows us to beg for bread! God has always made a way. 10 percent is small in comparison to all God pours out! He is always faithful!

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