‘Listen! My Lover! Look here He comes, leaping across the mountains bounding over the hills’ (SS 2:8)

Loves serves the other with humility and grace. Love knows how to listen to another’s heart, not just to his voice. We teach our children how to write, how to speak correctly. Do we teach them how to listen? Eliezer listened to his beloved master Abraham, on how to proceed on the journey. He lived with him for many years. He could have easily assumed that he knows it all, for Abraham spoke often to him about his dreams and visions of God. But even so, every fresh word from the mentor’s mouth is life to the one who truly loves.

If you become impatient as you listen to your wife (husband), if you cut short her speech, like she is a child, then stop and pray! There is a danger that you have forsaken your first love and you are falling spiritually. It is possible that you hide a love crime behind your handsome face and a designer suit. It is possible that love has been betrayed in the past, sacrificed on the road of ‘practicality and common sense’. It is possible that bribe has blinded you and the world has ensnared your soul. A backslider is always impatient with his lover. Many have ignorantly strayed to the market where kisses are sold… some are cheap; you forget their taste as soon as the colored lights fade with the morning break. But some kisses are so expensive that their poison on your lips will change your appetite for years, leaving behind much sorrow and pain.

Then STOP! Come to the Cross! Retrace your steps. Be reconciled with your wife! Let the peace of God be restored again! Be wise, quick to listen and slow to speak once more! There is hope! Have faith in God! Pray! The coals of dying love, hidden under the ashes of daily boring routine, shall be revived once more.



“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts… Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up” (Jam 4:3, 10; KJ)

Lust is a wicked master, an oppressor, a tyrant. It takes advantage of the weakness and the needs of his victim to exploit and manipulate. Any prayer for marriage that comes out of lust is rejected by God. Many singles have confused lust with love. Be careful! Pray for discernment! Do not ignore the fact of ignorance! Lust has his own desires, his own songs, romance and spirituality. Lust is closely connected with the evil spirit of religion. The prayer based on lust is called ‘amiss’. It is based on deception and it will end in failure. Lust is considered ‘a wrong motive’ of prayer for marriage. The word in Greek means evil, physically and mentally bad; something like an incurable disease. Think of it this way: you are single and lonely. Lust has attacked you and you pray for marriage. God is telling you that if He answers your prayer, it is the same thing like getting married to a womanizer who is terminally ill with AIDS. Is that what you call a marriage? That is a snare, but the lust will confuse you to accept the proposal. It is better to remain single and wait for God to give you the gift of true love and true marriage than to die young with lust in your bosom. “Do not lust in your heart after her beauty…Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burnt?” (PV 6:25-27)

The marriage based on a wrong foundation of lust will end in quarrels, fights and eventually divorce. Pray for forgiveness! Repent! Then pray again this time with a pure heart of love for God!  If you are already married with a wrong foundation, if at least one of you truly repents and prays for mercy, God will intervene. He will reposition you on the Rock foundation of Christ. Then the true love has a chance to bloom and the stale water becomes the best wine in town! In this way, the marriage will be born again, to the glory of God! For nothing is impossible with God!


In Christ I declare:

I am born again!

My marriage is born again!

Lust has been defeated in my heart and in my marriage!

Our love will never fail!

In Jesus name


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