“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (Jn 3:16)


We just ended our church’ program called ‘Jesus Mega Party 2013’. This is the greatest open air Christian event in our state. Thousands came. Multitudes answered the altar call to surrender their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. The theme for this year was ‘Limitless God’. We started by 9 pm and ended it at 2 am in the New Year. There was praise, worship and Kingdom dances; both adults and children were involved.  Pastor Leigh preached the Gospel, bringing the good news to all. Just before we started, at about 6 pm, dark clouds gathered threatening to bring storm and rain. The month of December is not in the raining season, so the clouds look strangely intimidating. Everybody prayed with all their hearts…  A little shower, just enough to wet the ground, to avoid dust… that was all the dark clouds could do. We had to wet the grounds with water from the buckets, so God simplified our labor. The storm that threatened to scatter everything quietly went away. We praised God and our faith rose in anticipation!


Then the program started. All, went well until about 11 pm. As Pastor Leigh started to preach the Gospel, suddenly all the power went off. Ordinarily, this could have been a disaster. There were thousands of ‘sinners’ all waiting to hear the plan of salvation.  But all the lights went off and all the loudspeakers suddenly became silent.  As the mechanics tried to re-start the generator, all I could hear from all over the field, was prayer and praise. Nobody showed any sign of impatience or frustration. Nobody moved. Then somebody in the crowd lifted a chorus and it spread like wild fire. Thousands sang in the dark: ‘Let God’s light shine! The devil can do what he wants to do, but he can never stop the light of God to shine…’  I never heard this song before but it was just the right thing to sing. This is how ‘the congregation’ took over and sang on and on for about five minutes, until the power came back. There was no pushing and no whistling of disapproval the way you hear in secular concerts when the music fails. At the microphone Pastor Leigh said ‘The devil is a liar!’ and all said Amen!


Then he continued from where he stopped. Christ crucified for sinners was preached with anointing and power. Then as he prepared to make the altar call, suddenly, at about 11:30, the power went off again. The crowd responded exactly the same. To hear thousands of ‘strangers’ singing God’s praises in the darkness, that was awesome indeed! The power came back for the third time, the ‘altar call’ was made and thousands came to the front in surrender. As by an invisible hand, they all knelt down before God. There was no pushing and no confusion at all. All repeated the sinner’s prayer and quietly went back.


Then we all lifted our hands to give thanks to God for everything! It is with thanks giving in our hearts and lips that we transition into the New Year. The fireworks blasted upwards, as a symbol of joy and praise to God. People greeted and embraced one another.  The praise continued. Some people came closer to be prayed for. Hands were laid on the sick and oppressed. The mechanics said that they could not discover any fault in the generator. Each time they just waited a little and re-started it again without any problem. The mobile police searched all the ‘suspicious young men’ for weapons as they entered the field. Out of more than ten thousands of them, they only found one young man who had a knife in his pocket. He was arrested. That was all they could report.

It was a wonderful night to the glory of God!

Happy New Year!


In Christ I declare:

This year, the Limitless God will reveal Himself and bless me abundantly!

In Jesus name



  1. Lori says:

    Praise God! I have seen a few pictures on Facebook and I imagined all the people praying and praising God with everything they have. It’s wonderful to hear this great testimony. Our God is limitless!!

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