“Your God, whom you serve continually, He will deliver you” (Dan 6:16)


Daniel was a Jewish captive in Babylon. He was a man ‘of excellent spirit’ and got a high position in the Government of that country. Then Darius, the King of the Medes took over. He was also impressed with Daniel’s character and planned to promote him to be over all his governors and officials. These people got jealous and made a counter plan to destroy Daniel. They knew that he is a faithful servant who cannot be bribed or corrupted. The only way to destroy him and his reputation will be thru Daniel’s religion. They manipulated the King with flattery into signing a foolish law that said: any man, who prays to any other god than him, shall be thrown into the lion’s den.

When Daniel heard about how his master was deceived to ignorantly sign his death warrant, he got ready to meet God. In life or death, he knew that God was near. He went to his house, opened the windows towards Jerusalem, knelt down and, as usual, he prayed to God. The wicked men caught him breaking the law of his master. It is true that the law was foolish but the signature of the king was there on it. Daniel was reported and found guilty. The king tried to save his most faithful servant, but could not. The law has no mercy. If the king releases Daniel after breaking the law, he will lose his respect and his throne.

So Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den to die. The king felt guilty for betraying his best friend and could not sleep the whole night. Early in the morning he found that Daniel was not only alive, but not hurt at all for the Angel of Jehovah shut the mouths of the lions the whole night. The king was very happy and brought Daniel out. The king then judges the wicked false accusers of Daniel.  Together with their wives and children, they are sent to the same lion’s den. But there is no Angel to save them and they all perish. And yes, Daniel still got his promotion at last.


This is a story even the children can tell. A whole chapter in the Bible is dedicated to it. What are the lessons here? What is God telling you? The first thing we learn is that it pays to serve the Living God, continually and faithfully. Most people do not believe in purity of character. It is true that this world is corrupted and religion is even worse. It is said that if a man was not a thief before entering an office, he will become one after he leaves. But God is telling us that like Daniel, as a Christian, you do not have to be corrupted to be successful in this world. Faithfulness to God’s Word brings success!

Do you believe that?


Another lesson is that payer is a most powerful weapon. Your faithfulness as a prayer warrior shall be tried in fire. Daniel was ready to break the law of his earthly master, and even to die, for the privilege of prayer. Is prayer a matter of life and death to you? Are you ready to die than to stop praying?


The name Daniel means God’s judgment. God is a God of justice and He surely punishes the wicked. It is a terrible thing to falsely accuse a true servant of God, to oppose his ministry and anointing or to desire his death. The persecutors of true believers shall suffer, together with their families. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God!


Lastly, when God wants to promote you, men and devils shall become jealous and persecute you even unto death. Do you know that? When face to face with the lions of death, are you ready to stand trusting God alone? For at that time even your parents, spouse, boss or best friend shall betray you. The Angel who shut the mouth of the lions was our Lord Jesus Christ. He died on the Cross to shut the mouth of the devil. Your enemies shall be speechless and disgraced. It is faith in God alone that will save you. Can you stand alone, having only God as defense?  Do you trust God for your total vindication? Is God enough for you? Is your faith in God working for you? Are you saved? For in the times of trials all men shall abandon you to your fate and even kings cannot save you. You shall either die or live to declare God’s mercy and His wonders. But once you successfully pass thru this fire, no devil and no man can ever destroy your testimony or stop your promotion for you shall be called the friend of God!


In Christ I declare:

The God of Daniel is my God!

I serve God continually!

God shall save and deliver me from all trials!

My unrepentant enemies shall fall for my sake!

Even in the grave Jesus is Lord!

In Jesus name


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