“I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus” (Rev 19:10)

Are you calling my name?
Do you want me to listen to your testimony…I would love that…but I need to hear your heart first, then your words…is your cross like my cross…tell me how your world came to an end… show me the spot where, without any rehearsal, spontaneously, your spirit’s overflow voiced the eternal ‘It is finished!’…let me hear your silence…when words fail… the hammer’s sound is the only living song…the Cross denies entrance to hope…when the head bows in surrender and the devils rejoice for such an easy victory…
Tell me also how you woke up like from the dead…tell me about the day when your tears dried and all fears died…how you discovered that Christ died in your place…when your cage was broken and you came out with wings of rainbows and stars in your hands… Let me hear the breeze of the resurrection power destroying all opposition… describe to me the terror of the terror of darkness… the fleeing and the falling of wicked opposition…the sudden turning of tables… the new beginning of an untamed hope…the shower and the inspiration of true worship… the impartation of heaven and the gift from the Most High…tell me about Jesus and how He has changed your heart…how His prayer became yours, His song yours and His testimony of death and life yours…All stories make me tired, even before they end…. But the testimony of Jesus makes me happy and strong…I never get tired of the story of Jesus…so here I am, my friend, tell me about my Lord…I promise to always listen… .

In Christ I declare:
I testify about Jesus my Lord!
I am saved by grace!
The Holy Spirit of prophecy is upon me!
I worship God alone!
In Jesus name

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