“So I (Jesus) tell you to stop worrying…”

“The Lord is near. Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks” (Mt 6:25; Philip 4:5, 6)


Worry is defined as an aggressive mental attack of anxiety.  Worry is totally useless and even dangerous.

Spiritually, worry is an attack coming from evil spirits. It is a continuous harassment; disturbance, nagging or torment intended to shake your position of peace. Like wild dogs, the evil spirits attack the neck, the most vulnerable part of the body. The purpose is to choke you to death, like with a rope around the neck. The effect of this slow strangulation is that you cannot breathe or swallow well. Spiritually speaking, the breath represents the Holy Spirit. Swallowing food, the bread of live and drinking the living water represent the daily intake of the Word of God. Therefore, worry is the major hindrance against being filled with the Holy Spirit and of the understanding of God’s Word.


The effect of worry is seen upon God’s Word deposited in the heart. It chokes it! It strangulates it from within! The Word cannot grow and multiply. The anxious heart becomes dry and barren (Mk 4:7). It is like a pregnancy that fails to develop! In other words, constant worry is able to hinder the spiritual growth of a believer. You have to identify it and completely reject it!

What is the solution?

It is prayer!

We are commanded by the Lord not to be anxious! This is not just a suggestion. It is His command and we either obey it or not. Dear believer, to continue to worry about your life, brings you close to the cursed and dangerous land of rebellion, which is connected and strengthened by witchcraft (1Sam 15:23). This is a most serious charge! This is the Truth!

Anxiety is a spiritual toxic waste. It spreads like poison, like spiritual pollution, everywhere. One anxious person does a lot of harm to his family and community. As a child of God, my ministry should be ‘a recycling godly factory’ that overcomes evil with good. I diligently replace anxiety with prayer, worship and thanksgiving! Therefore, in obedience with God’s Word, I should stop worrying! Now! I should reject all evil spirits of mental harassment! I should not just quietly tolerate them. I should actively reject them thru spiritual warfare. Instead of worrying, I should change all my anxieties into prayer, worship and thanksgiving to God! From today, this is exactly what I shall do! This is my promise to God!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

I resist and reject all forms of worry!

I pray always!

I give thanks to God!

I am delivered from worry!

Peace is my portion!

I am a blessing to my family and my community!

In Jesus name,


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