“The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man…” (Gen 39:2)

These are strange words… God is mysterious in His dealing with us.

What is the secret of Joseph? He was a successful man, both spiritually and materially. In the Book of Genesis 39 the sentence ‘The Lord was with Joseph’ appears four times. That was his secret. The manifested presence of God affected his life and circumstances in three major ways:


If God is with you as He was with Joseph, then He will bless all the works of your hands. You shall not lose money. You shall make profit. Your boss and business partners shall be blessed because of you. And they shall know it. For as long as you fear poverty, God is not with you as He was with Joseph.


Potiphar’s wife tempted him ‘day by day’.. He was a young man in a strange country. Because God is with him, Joseph adapts fast to his new environment. But he does not backslide there. The temptation to sin sexually was not easy to refuse. She is forward, rude and merciless. She has only two words: “Lie with me”. He responds with many passionate words of wisdom, remembering the God of his fathers. He calls adultery “a wicked thing against God”. See how Joseph feels responsible to host and protect the anointing over his life. He is ready to die than to grieve the Holy Spirit. His heart is protected by the presence and peace of God. For as long as you fear backsliding or untimely death, God is not with you as He was with Joseph.


Joseph could have been killed by angry Potiphar. But God was with him, so he was sent to prison. This was a special high class type of prison where ‘the king’s prisoners’ were kept. It seems that the same Potiphar was the overseer. The officer in charge saw the same thing Potiphar saw: the visible presence of God on Joseph. He did the same thing and promoted him to be in charge of all the prisoners. Eventually, at 30, he is freed and becomes the Prime Minister of Egypt. None could stop the promotion. For as long as you fear failure God is not with you as he was with Joseph.

God and Joseph had a covenant relationship. Each desired to be faithful to one another. Joseph felt responsible to protect the anointing. There is no other explanation for this type of extraordinary success except the presence of God. It is true that Joseph was hard working, faithful and a good man…but none explain this supernatural success except that ‘the Lord was with Joseph’. That is why all things worked together for good for him. A wise man said once:  “Our disappointments are God’s appointments”. This is true if God is with you.

Lastly, God’s presence was constant but that did not remove the pain of betrayal. God did it to prepare His servant to use him later as His ambassador on earth. God was maturing the character of Joseph!!!! For what Joseph discovered is that God’s heart is never against us even when His hand is against us. Another wise man said: “Joseph was sold so that he may not be honored and he was honored because he was sold”

Emmanuel is the secret of a successful life! This may sound so simple, but this is the truth!

May you covet God’s presence, above all things, above all else…

In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

God is with me!

God shall prosper, protect and promote me!

Nothing can stop it!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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