“But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the Word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop… who seize the Word and hold on no matter what, sticking with it until there’s a harvest” (Lk 8:15; NIV; TM)


The Parable of the Sower is basic to understand our salvation and our work for the Lord. There are four types of human beings in this world who call themselves’ believers’. The first three groups hear the Word of God but do not fulfill their destinies. Their hearts are too worldly, too stubborn or too complicated to allow the Word to multiply. They betray God’s purpose for their lives. They go to church, they hear sermons, they like their Bibles, but… the seed of life does not live…their heart refuse to host the power of eternal salvation.

This Parable may sound simple but behind the words of Jesus, there is sadness, too deep for words. I can feel it…But then…when sorrow wants to grip my soul, I am encouraged to read that some people who are true believers. I discover this mystery: Not all men disappoint themselves. Not all men betray God’s plan for them. What a relief…

Long ago I made up my mind that, no matter what, I will belong to this group of gloriously saved souls!!!  I decided that, no matter what, I will never disappoint Jesus and His grace, grieve the Holy Spirit or betray my destiny! Please help me, God!


So this is my testimony…I belong to them who chose to have a good and noble heart; the mind of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I chose to spend time in God’s presence, to study his Word and pray. This is my choice! I pay the price for my choice! Nobody is forcing me! I am not doing it for money or fame! I am doing it for the joy and pure love of my Lord! I love Jesus too much to remain idle in mind or hard in my heart. I sit at the feet of Jesus hours on end. Like Mary of Bethany, I offer Him the precious gift of my time on earth. I learned to sacrifice any other desire on the altar of this godly heart. I had to perfect and minimize the rest activities… no mistakes in the kitchen… no waste of time when cleaning the house…Thank God for the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave and ‘Indomie’ noodles. I smile as I write this…All is well…


The hardest of all virtues to master is to quietly persevere in spite of body tiredness, sickness, old age, distractions, setbacks, stress or misunderstanding from friends and family. This perseverance also called ‘longsuffering’, to continue to trust God and His Word is the key to fruitfulness in ministry. I love the Word of God. There are days when I am excited with new revelations…The Greek and the Hebrews translations, the commentaries and the dictionaries…these all work together for my good, helping me rejoice in finding light in the darkness and joy in the desert. These are good times…But there are also seasons when all books seem closed, when the Word of God is ‘locked’ from above, when Jesus is too busy with others to remember me… or this is how I feel…During these times of spiritual dryness… of hard to describe loneliness… of asking myself if I did not miss it…of fears… of doubts… I have learned by experience to remain faithful to my choice of long ago…to still continue to read my Bible and pray… to still have hope… to still believe in God…I remind myself of the truth: Jesus Christ is Lord…my Lord… He knows all pains…my tears are not forsaken on the ground but are all gathered in His bottle…my labor of love shall be rewarded and, not too long from now…my harvest shall be revealed and the crown of life securely pinned on my head…

Oh, dear Hope… you have become my twin sister…I agree with you: we shall stick together unto the end…

No matter what!!!


In Christ I declare:

I shall study the Word of God and pray always!

I shall persevere until the end!

No matter what!

The harvest, the crown, the reward and the Joy of my Lord is sure!

In Jesus name


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