“You shall not follow a crowd to do evil…” (Ex 23:2, AMP)


A crowd can be evil Stay away from them! This is God’s command! The word ‘follow’ in Hebrew also means to be committed, to entrust your will to others, to expect fulfillment from serving another. The word evil means to hurt, to trouble or to be wicked. Crowds can do good things or they can do evil. This is the question: Why do people follow crowds? Why do they choose to be members of internet groups, clubs or organizations? Why do they open their hearts to strange men?  Why are they attracted by secret societies? Why do men join cults?

One simple reason is loneliness. People feel lonely at home but do not have the courage to make personal friends. So they join a group with similar values. But they soon discover that now they have many ‘friends’ but no one to truly trust. Another reason why men join a club is because it provides security in case of danger. Men follow crowds because they are cowards; they are afraid to stand up for themselves. Some groups are considered ‘elite’ so joining them provide a greater social status. Lastly, they join clubs because most men doubt themselves. A man who has an inferiority complex but still wants to achieve something in life will join a club of friends. He is not sure that he can achieve his dreams alone. He feels the need of a support, of a group; to be accountable and to depend on others who have a similar purpose.

Once you join a crowd, you lose your will to it. You don’t have to decide everything; you can rely on the crowd to make choices and act. You just follow. Hidden in the crowd, like Adam behind the trees, you can avoid being seen and charged as an individual (Gen 3:8). Crowds can be a powerful force of destruction like fighting on the streets, doing damage or even kill. But going home you feel less guilty than if you did the crime alone. Another reason may be pride. Alone at home you feel so small.  But once you are in a crowd, you feel powerful. It is easier to fight for your rights as a group. If the crowd wins, you share in the benefits without fighting directly or personally. You can cheat the crowd and still win the crown.


But there are also disadvantages of being a man of the crowd. The major one is that you learn the skill to deceive yourself and others. In the middle of that crowd you are not yourself!  You act differently; you are more aggressive, more reckless than your normal way of life. Pushed by an invisible power that carries all along, you make mistakes that you shall regret. You become confused about the action and the direction of the crowd and you cannot stop it once you are in.

Crowds are strongholds of gossip, slander and violence. Even so, it is no easy to come out from a group that you belonged to, where you shared your dreams with others. You fear that if you leave, you shall miss the action and the friends. Sometimes you feel bad about the time you wasted when you could have followed your own path in life. You regret missed opportunities, giving up the control of your life to others.


What is God’s will in regard to all this?

Crowds followed Jesus just to receive superficial things, earthly blessings. They wanted food, healing of sicknesses and entertainment. But Jesus ‘dismissed the crowds’ to go away so that He can be alone with His disciples, to teach them the secrets of the Kingdom of God. (Mt 14:22). The word ‘dismiss’ means to divorce, to loose, to send away. You will not like to be in a group that Jesus will divorce. Whatever advantages you may find there, without Jesus all your dreams will fade away. As a member of the crowd, you may receive bread to eat but you will become spiritually passive. Faith cannot grow in such a heart.


God wants you to leave that crowd! He wants you to be separated unto Him, to know and to serve Him! God has a wonderful plan for you alone. Following that crowd will only bring sorrow! God wants that you should fulfill your destiny! God desires that you learn to be alone with Him. Most crowds are noisy and worldly. They are the opposite of what is called ‘the secret place of the Most High God’. Crowds may look impressive but most of the time they move and act by the leading of evil spirits. As part of a crowd, you share in the sins of others. That will bring unnecessary guilt to your soul. Learn to stand alone. If God gives you friends, blessed be His name. But if not, accept loneliness as your portion for this season of your life. When lonely, read the Bible and pray. And find a good living church. Join the Body of Christ. Not a crowd but the Living Body of Christ. Do not surrender your will to the crowd. Do not become a slave to men! Give your will to God! Do not trust the crowd to fulfill your dreams, to fight for your rights or to satisfy your needs. Trust God who created you to do all these things, and so much more.

Lastly, this is God’s word to you:

“Come out from them and be separate -says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing and I will receive you” (2Cor 6:17)


In Christ I declare:

One with God is majority!

I am on God’s side!

In Jesus name


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