“Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “Speak to the children of Israel, that they turn and camp before Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, opposite Baal Zephon; you shall camp before it by the sea” (Ex 14:1, 2)


The children of God left Egypt in a hurry. After more than four hundred years of slavery they are now out of the land of bondage. Under the leadership of Moses, they are going towards the Promised Land. Long ago, God promised Abraham that he and his descendants shall possess the land of Canaan. The easiest and closest way from Egypt to Canaan is going North East, along the Mediterranean Sea. But God did not allow them to take that road. He knew that if they have to fight they will be quickly discouraged and return to Egypt. So he directed them to go south, in the opposite direction, towards the desert and the Red Sea.

God directs Moses to go to a particular place called Pi Hahiroth. The name of this place means ‘a mouth of water’. Next to it there is a hill called Migdol which means ‘A Watchtower’. It was a high place that the Egyptians used to monitor the children of God. Opposite there is a place called Baal Zephon. Its name means the ‘god of thunder and of stormy seas’. There was a pagan altar were sacrifices were offered for the protection of travelers especially the sea men. Today it is called Mount Tiran. It’s an island in the Red Sea in between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. God wanted His miracle to be displayed in front of the shrine of the pagan god of the seas, to disgrace him and his followers.

There are arguments, where was the exact place that the Red Sea was divided. It is not very clear where all these places with strange names are. But the most plausible place is on the right extension of the Red Sea, called the Gulf of Aqaba. There is a particular place that has a big beach. That is the only place where two million people could have camped. The distance between that beach and the opposite side is only 19 Km and the water is 200 meters deep. Studies show that all other places are much deeper than that. It took a whole night for two million people to cross over to freedom. That is a mighty miracle in itself…


What are the lessons for us?

The first lesson is that God is in charge of our salvation, deliverance and breakthrough. The easiest way, the common sense way may not be the best for us. “An inheritance claimed too soon will not be blessed at the end” (PV 20:21). We cannot afford to be impatient in life, marriage or ministry He may direct us in the opposite direction that makes no sense at all. We have to learn to trust God and His ways even in darkness. God is more interested in the journey and in the fellowship we develop along the way than just in the destination. It is easy for God to give you a miracle, but He wants you to be His friend long before your ‘dream’ comes true.

God has a particular place for His deliverance. It may be far from your plans but it is a sure place. It may be a strange place that you have never heard of, but it is a sure place. The enemy may send spies and false brethren to monitor your movements. Sometimes you may look confused, like going zigzag. But God is in control! This is a snare for your enemies. He knows the place, he knows the hour. His ways are mysterious but the victory is sure!


The road may be long and hard. It takes many prayers and much weeping. But when the trumpet sounds, the miracle takes place immediately. All your tears shall be wiped away in just one night. The Angel of the Lord will help you and your family, both young and old to cross over to the place of destiny and peace. Nobody can stop it. The enemy shall try to steal your miracle and to attack you. But this time, your miracle is not ‘for sale’. You are no longer his slave. He shall fall for your sake! He shall perish in the midst of your grateful praises! For God has done it!


In Christ I declare:

God is on my side!

My miracle is sure!

My victory is sure!

My enemy has disappeared from the face of the earth!

All the glory to God!

In Jesus name,


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