“And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Ex 33:14)

Moses leads the Children of God to the Promise Land. The journey is not easy mostly because the people prove to be so difficult. God calls them ‘stiff necked’. They are rude, rough, rebellious, proud, stubborn, ungrateful and impatient. Then God gives them ‘bad’ news. He will not go with them anymore but He will send an Angel to lead them. This is a great disappointment especially for Moses.

What do you do when nothing works the way you imagined it?

What do you do when all things crash down and dreams scatter at your feet?

What do you do when the children reject your ministry?

What did Moses do?

Moses asks to see God’s glory. He did not ask for provisions or for money. He did not ask for friends or medicine. He asked for that which no man can give and none can take away. That is when our gracious God promises Moses His Presence and His Rest.

Do you pray like Moses?

When God blesses you with His presence, are you completely satisfied, or do you wait for something more?

Is God’s rest better than a job promotion to you?

Are you grateful for His presence in your life?

God promises Moses that even in this sinful world, in the midst of evil people, backsliders and hypocrites, His presence will be constant. God will prove to be His faithful friend. If all men are liars, God will forever be true! His presence means His pleasure, His favor, His face, His purpose and His Will. These are sure signposts on the royal road leading to rest. God will grant His servant rest from toil, from too much work that weakens and dries the soul. This is the secret key to revival.

The manifested presence and fellowship of the Person of God the Holy Spirit that is all that you need. If you worship God and follow Him you shall be free from anxiety and unnecessary sorrow.

There are two types of rest. There is a rest coming at the end of the day, after many hours of work. That is the rest of the laborer and it is ‘sweet’ (Ecc 5:12). But there is another rest, the supernatural rest, which is constant during the day. The amount of labor does not affect this rest. It manifests as peace and joy in the midst of labor. This is the rest promised to Moses. This is the rest promised to the worshipper, to the servant and the friend of God.

If God has granted you this rest, your work, your ministry will never make you bored, tired or discouraged. You will be free from all anxieties connected with your labor on earth. You will never worry again if men shall promote or reward you. You will never fear joblessness, inflation, recession or poverty. Your boss will never be able to intimidate or manipulate you.  Did I say ‘never’? Yes! That is the power of God’s Presence and Promised Rest. This is His Word:

Jehovah loves you! He has decreed rest for you, settled your heart and sealed your destiny!

May your body soul and spirit answer ‘Amen!’

In Christ I declare:

God’s presence is with me and my family!

Jesus Christ has given me rest in the midst of all labor!

I am free from all fears!

I have peace in the midst of the storm!

In Jesus name,


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