“One day Jesse said to David: “Take a half-bushel of this roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread, and hurry with them to your brothers in the camp. And take these ten cheeses to the commanding officer” (1Sam 17, 18; GNB)


David and Goliath…all children love this story. But can we the adults learn anything new? That shall be our challenge tonight. ‘Holy Spirit, come…”

David was about seventeen years old. He was the youngest son in the family of Jesse. He is a shepherd working for his dad. His life could have been a boring routine, except that ‘God is on his side’ (Ps 124). He just got anointed by Prophet Samuel as the new King of Israel. But after that wonderful day, things went back to normal…back to taking care of the sheep…except that now, the Spirit of God is upon David and nothing shall be the same again.

This day seem to be like every other day. Father Jesse sends him to his brothers with bread and cheese. Before sun set, he will be the new champion of Israel.


Lesson for us: Be content to do ‘ordinary’ ministry! Do not hurry to be famous! Never fear humility! Learn the power of preparation in the secret place! Submit to your leaders! Be satisfied to work for your ‘father in Christ’ or your pastor! Be faithful in little things! God knows and God sees! This is the preparation of God’s hero! There shall be a moment when you shall stand and fight in public! God is and shall be on your side! Your humility and faithfulness in the secret place shall be rewarded with faith to move mountains and strength to kill all giants!


In Christ I declare:

I submit to God and to the authority God has placed upon me!

God is on my side!

I can never lose!

I am faithful in little things!

I shall be promoted!

I prepare for greater victories ahead!

In Jesus name


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