“Choose a man and have him come down to me. If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us” (1Sam 17:8, 9; NIV)

What Goliath proposed to God’s people is fair enough. He was confident that he will win. He wanted a public display of victory that will go into the history of his nation. The trouble was that not even one soldier from Israel was bold enough to accept the proposal. From King Saul, to the field commanders and to the rest of the soldiers, they were all ‘dismayed and terrified’. That was the scene that young David met when he came with the bread and cheese to feed his older brothers. What all people saw and heard were the terrifying words of a killer giant. But what David heard was the voice of God who said to him: ‘You can kill him. I am at your side!”

Goliath died long ago, but his spirit leaves on. There are many spiritual ‘giants’ who intimidate God’s people, even today. What is the giant that terrifies you? Is it the evil spirit of fear? Or lust? Or is it Mammon?

This is a spiritual principle: you either kill the giant or he will take you prisoner! For example: you do not attack a witch, using the power of flesh because you shall lose the battle! That particular failure shall affect your family and children! Who knows what your parents have done in the past…if they have foolishly confronted evil people…and lost the battle… They may never tell you the truth about their spiritual failures, but you can sense that all is not well with their children. Some families are known for being in trouble often, for being losers always. This may have a spiritual root, a covenant done with evil spirits that is still active. You need to pray and identify the source of failure. Ask yourself…Why, with all the efforts over the years, you are still poor? Why, with all the doctors treating you and the provision of a health insurance, you are still sick? Why do all your relationships end in failure or divorce?  Why do you have this tendency to be depressed? From where do panic attacks come to you? These are questions you should pray about for they may reveal the need to expose evil covenants done in the past.

David confronted Goliath, not for fun or fame, but for the glory of God! He killed him! According to the proposal, all the Philistines became the prisoners of war to God’s people. Spiritually speaking, if the Holy Spirit leads you to confront a stronghold of evil spirits, you shall surely win against them. The human agents of these demons shall become your converts, your ‘subjects’. God shall give them to you as a trophy and reward for successful warfare. This is ‘the organic’ growth of ministry that gives glory to God. If God is on your side you shall do great exploits and many prisoners shall be set free. With each victory against evil strongholds, ‘my subjects’ are increasing…O, what a wonderful way to fill a church! All glory to God!

In Christ I declare:

I destroy all evil agreements done by my parents, knowingly or un-knowingly!

I declare freedom to the spiritual captives in my family!

I plead the Blood of Jesus over my life, my marriage and children!

We are free indeed, to serve and worship the Living God!

I shall preach the Gospel of Christ Crucified to my last breath!

Many shall hear, shall believe, shall be set free and shall rejoice!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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