“On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified” (1Sam:11; NIV)


David arrived at the battle ground with home supplies of ‘bread and cheese’ for his brothers. Before he could confront Goliath, he had to pass three spiritual tests. David had to successfully stand for God in the midst of three different levels of temptations: the crowd of cowards, the jealous brothers and the foolish king. We too can learn great wisdom from him for these lessons are eternal spiritual principles.


The crowd was ‘dismayed and terrified’. The word ‘dismayed’ means to lose courage, focus and resolution because of fear. All the people were discouraged, confused, depressed and weak. From King Saul down to the least soldier, no one could even imagine that he can stand up and fight Goliath. The evil spirit of fear in the giant has bullied them all into spiritual passivity. Each man was compelled into forced submission. This is how an inferiority complex develops affecting a man’s behavior for the rest of his life.  A coward is forced to bow down thru insults, arrogant speech or aggressive behavior. The evil spirits speak with pride and attack to cause deep damage to the victim, especially his will.

It has been proven that a true champion is one who is prepared spiritually and mentally prepared to stand and fight when necessary. It is not just the strength of the body. The mental preparation to believe that you can win the battle is more important than the readiness of body. The evil spirits attack the soul which is defined as the totality of the mind, emotions and will. Under constant intimidation from demons, the mind gets confused, the emotions go erratic and the will is paralyzed. Spiritual passivity is always the effect of occult attacks and a failure to win against them.


Under the bullying of Goliath, the whole army became paralyzed with fear. Please take note: the king’s promises of material wealth to the winner could not overcome the fear.  Money, royal marriage and social status, all these earthly rewards, could not change a sinner into a saint. Money can pay for a hireling, but it can never change a coward into a champion. Only the Holy Spirit can make a man of God! David’s main reason for fighting Goliath was to give glory to God. His second reason was that by his example, God’s people should be encouraged. These are the true motives for successful ministry! Selah!


In Christ I declare:

I reject the evil spirit of fear!

I shall fear no man and no circumstances, because I fear God!

My life and ministry shall give glory to God!

My life and ministry shall encourage the people!

I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!

Holy Spirit, please fill me…

In Jesus name


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