There is an open door of victory in the Spirit realm! A door of successful warfare! See it open before you! Pass through it to the other side! God has changed your story! From failure to victory! From fear to faith! From poverty to riches! From sickness to health! From barrenness to fruitfulness! God is faithful! You shall see the manifestation of God’s grace in action!
Like the Jews who totally destroyed those who hated them, who attacked them…you shall do the same! You shall rejoice like never before!
There is great wailing in the Kingdom of Darkness! For the devil has promised to give them our blessings…but now, the wicked people are completely disappointed! Good has overcome the evil in the land! Do not be sorry for the devil, for he was not sorry for you! Many people shall hear your testimony of healing, of breakthrough and shall become born again! Nothing can stop your victory! The devil’s effort was too little, too late!


Praise the Lord!!!!!
Faith 100%! Doubt 0%! (Esther 8-9)
He that has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches!

In Christ I declare:
I have won the victory!
My testimony as a soldier of Christ is confirmed!
My enemies are all defeated and disappointed!
All glory to God!
In Jesus name

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