“But thanks be to God! For through what Christ has done, he has triumphed over us so that now wherever we go he uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Gospel like a sweet perfume” (2Cor 2:14, LB)


The favor given to Esther by the king is greater than all her imaginations. He quickly answers all her petitions. Nothing is too big or too difficult for the king to give to her. The glory he extends to Esther is so much more than the pain she had suffered. That is called ‘favor of God’.

This is the story of the Bible! This is the Gospel of Christ! Jesus is our eternal and just King who delights in executing judgment on earth. There is a time of reckoning. There is time called ‘the day of the Lord’, when His judgment is revealed. At last, the thief is caught and he has to restore many times over from all that he stole. The victim is freed and promoted above the oppressor. The silent one can finally speak and sing. Sin, the bondage of fear of death, all evil is destroyed and replaced with a life of ‘happiness and joy, gladness and honor’ (Est 8:16)


God ‘delights in judgment’ (Jer 9:24). This is a spiritual law and it is a great encouragement for the believers, for the victims during times of persecution. The devil tempts us to forget it. We have the impression that God has abandoned us and that He is not fair to our suffering. We see the wicked prosper and we feel ‘cheated’. This period may be longer than we expected. But God is training us thru the fire of pain to mature our faith. Every tear that falls is counted by God! The training unto godliness is painful and lonely. The time between suffering and victory is not easy. God alone knows that moment of transition.

The righteous man is rescued from trouble and it comes on the wicked instead” (PV 11:8)

God is always in charge. For the woman in labor, there is a moment when the pain is over and the baby is born. That moment, is pure joy. No barren woman can imagine it. The body has no memory and immediately forgets the pain. Rest, peace and joy follow. This is the testimony of victory for all the saints! God is faithful! God never fails! Suddenly, the tables are over-turned; the innocent victim is released and becomes the judge of the wicked. The glory of the power of resurrection replaces the shame of defeat and death. There is no fairy tale as beautiful and exciting as the Gospel of Christ. In Him, you are invited to partake from the same glory of sweet victory!


The story of Calvary is the total triumph of good over evil. This is the eternal signature of God over His creation. Sometimes is faintly seen and other times is clearer. But it is always there. Look for it! It shall manifest! Like the rainbow after the storm, God smiles in victory.  The whole heaven resounds with the sound of ‘Halleluiah’! Heaven is not a quiet place. It is the platform to reveal the final eternal justice of God and the victory of the saints, manifested in Christ Jesus, the Lord!


Dear Child of God, Fear not! God is able to change and empower you to be His ambassador! He has helped me and He will help you! Power, promotion and visibility are not designed for selfish gain. Serve God! Worship God! Preach His Gospel! Your destiny is to manifest the reality of the kingdom of God on earth for the glory of God in heaven! ‘This is my story, this is my song…’


In Christ I declare:

I am a king, a priest and an ambassador of Christ on earth!

I overcome evil with good! Always!

I am free to serve God and worship Him forever!

My sickness, my bondage, my sins are in my past!

God has given me a future and a hope!

I am a living witness!

The Hope of Glory is my portion!

(Old) age is just a number. The power of Resurrection quickens my body soul and spirit!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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