“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1Thess 5:18)

I met a lady here in the US. She left her home country many years ago. She struggled hard to survive. She is a single mother. She is about fifty. She is very hard working. She made money. She has a house. She has many friends. This is what the world calls ‘success’. But the price for this success is a broken heart and fears overflow. She had to do whatever it takes to be what she is. She slept with men she did not love just for money or favor to have ‘an open door’.
I spoke to her. Maybe because I was ‘a stranger’ she trusted me just enough to open her heart just a little. She is confused and afraid. But outside she looks tough. I told her about Jesus, she listened…I told her about the gift of marriage, but she told me that in America most end in divorce, so she is afraid to dream of it. Having ‘men-friends’ is easier and simpler, she said. No need for ‘papers’ and no need for ‘lawyers’, she also said.
But then, I told her that God is calling her to a life of fulfillment and destiny. Not just money and cars…much more than that…I told her to let go of her fears, her bitterness against men, her self confidence that she can save herself…and come to the most wonderful Man who loves her as she is. I told her about the eternal Romance of flying like an eagle, to drink from the Living Waters and feast with real kings, and not just with the shadows of men…I told her who Jesus is to me, how He has changed me, about the Cross and about Victory over sin…She kept quiet…
Light and darkness stood face to face…darkness wanted to keep her prisoner, but failed to find the strength to do so…demons panicked today in Houston…hell looked for a way to retain their slave…darkness could not comprehend light, for it is the eternal decree of the Father to be so…I gave her an embrace and went away…a seed of life has been planted in a hard soil, but who knows, the rain of mercy may soften it and the resurrection power have its way…

To the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ I say:
Sing this song:
‘Take the world but give me Jesus…’
Be grateful that you know Jesus Christ! Never be tired to give Him thanks for salvation, for peace, for joy, for love and eternal life! You are blessed! Remember that!

In Christ I declare:
I am forever grateful to know You, my Lord!
In Jesus name

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