“At that time, says the Lord, all the families of Israel shall recognize Me as the Lord; they shall act like My people. I will care for them as I did those who escaped from Egypt, to whom I showed My mercies in the wilderness, when Israel sought for rest” (Jer 31:1, 2; LB)

We often forget that God blesses not only the individuals, but the families. I mean the husband, the wife and the children together. Once you believe this promise, your faith will increase ‘to adjust’ yourself spiritually, to belong to a family on earth. The singles should believe that it is God’s will for them to marry. It does not matter the age or the circumstances. For as long as you still breathe, as a child of God you have the right to trust God for the gift of marriage. The wrinkles and the broken hearts can be mended by God. Man did not invent marriage. Adam did not know that he needs a wife. Marriage is God’s invention. Stop calculating and just trust God.

Once you believe the promise above, your faith will increase concerning your spouse. Moses pleaded with Pharaoh on behalf of families. Salvation comes not only to persons, but to households. Wife, pray for your husband and children! Husband, pray for your wife and children! ‘A divided house cannot stand’- said our Lord. But a spiritually untied home is strong during all seasons of life.

Let me be more practical: each time I receive a blessing, a lifting, a revelation, a promotion or a healing touch, immediately I rejoice, for I know that God will give the same thing to my husband. Sooner or later, God will bless him too so that we can walk together, in one step and in one faith. As pregnancy is a gift to the family, so the spiritual blessings shall be shared by all. As a family, you shall all escape the power of evil. You shall all enter rest. You shall all know God’s mercy.

Please remember this: if God blesses one, He will bless you all! He is the God of families and the God of grace overflow! What God starts, He will surely perfect!
Now be ready and, as a family, enter your rest!

In Christ I declare:
Marriage is a gift of God!
Children are a reward of God!
Our family recognizes Jesus as our Lord!
Our family has escaped the power of sin and sickness and the curse of untimely death!
Our family is surrounded by God’s mercy! Our enemies are powerless and completely defeated!
We are healed, delivered, strong and happy!
Thank You Father for the gift of marriage and children!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name

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