“For we believe that Jesus died and rose again” (1Thess 4:14)

It is Resurrection time again. Seating in this hotel room far away from home I remember my childhood in Romania. We never attended church as a family. Once a year, when visiting our grandparents in the village, we went to church with them. They were too old to remove the Christian faith from their heart. That is what we were told. The Government thought that with the new generation, religion (‘the opium of the masses’) shall be extinguished. Nobody had any use for religious people. They were not ‘practical’ enough for the state. That was the atmosphere in my country back then. I had no idea that God exists. I never prayed until I came to Nigeria and became saved in 1986.

I remember my childhood…At Easter time the tradition was to sew new dresses. At Christmas we had new clothes ‘winter style’. For Easter, the dresses were more beautiful, lighter and ready for spring time. My sister Adica and I were dressed like twins until we became teenagers. ‘It was easier for the dress maker to sew two identical dresses’- our mother told us each year. We always felt sorry for the hard working lady, but dreaming that one day we shall each have our own ‘style’.
Easter day was special not only for the new dresses, but that day we eat a special meal called ‘drob’. It was made from minced lamb meat mixed with special spices. We color eggs and arrange them in a basket in the sitting room. The poor people boiled their eggs with onion peels. They became beautifully brown in color. Others, who could afford it, bought powder colors. We learned different methods to color the eggs with different patterns. On Easter day each will take an egg and go outside to play a game. We tapped each other’s egg and say: “Hristos a anviat- Adevarat a anviat!” (translated: ‘Christ is resurrected, Indeed He is’). We had no idea what the sentence meant. It was a tradition passed on from the previous generations. The winner is the holder of the last intact egg. The losers get to eat their eggs. I was the proud winner of many such competitions having the strongest egg at last.

Today, looking back, all those games seem so childish. But I thank God for His presence in my life. I did not know God, but God knew me! What a revelation! While I was an ignorant sinner, Christ died for me! All those eggs and the games we played, mean nothing to me now. Except to say, that God is God and He knows His own from the foundation of the world.
God’s plan for us is perfect and wonderful. The Father sent His Son to live on earth as Man, to dwell among us, to suffer and died in our place. On the Cross the mighty exchange was approved by God. Christ became sin in our place that we may become the Righteousness of God in Him alone. There is no story greater than that! Angels try to understand such love…Yes, Easter is much more than rainbow eggs. Even as an unbeliever, in a Communist country long ago, though ignorant, now I see that truth could not be quenched. With each broken egg we declared the eternal revelation that Christ is Lord! That He is resurrected! Indeed He is!

If you are sad, lonely or sick, but you are a believer, please remember that today is not a standard for tomorrow. The weeping of Friday gave way to rejoicing on Sunday! Each day brings new mercies from God. Each day has the potential for a miracle from above. Your future is better than your past, for it shines with the glory of God! The power of resurrection is the greatest power in the universe. If the devil knew that Jesus will open the grave and tear the veil of separation between man and God, he would not have killed Christ. But he did not know…The devil, once created ‘perfect in wisdom and beauty’ became a loser and an ugly fool! Forever!
Forget the eggs…Come to the Cross! Come and see the price God paid for the salvation of your soul! It will change your life! You will never be the same! Come and see the true color of love! Come and taste that the Lord is good! Come as you are…Come to Jesus! I am there, waiting for you!

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I am saved by the Blood of the Lamb!
I died to sin, to the world and to the devil!
I have hope!
I am healed!
I live forever!
Christ, my Lord is resurrected! Indeed He is!
In Jesus name

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