“He (Jesus) was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right (the power) to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God” (John 1:10-13)

This is the last page in my diary concerning our recent travelling abroad. We came back to Lagos last night. In the airport there was unnecessary delay, asking useless questions, officials begging for money…sad…sad…sad…

Outside the arrivals, they did not allow the taxis to come close. We had to roll our load quite a distance. We saw a free passage to the right of the airport. Loaded with our suitcases, we tried to take that path. Suddenly two soldiers, a man and a woman, came with guns to stop us. They said that we cannot go there, for that path is only for ‘diplomats’. In my heart I quickly said a prayer. I reminded myself that we are the ambassadors of Christ. Immediately, without any explanation, the woman soldier changed her mind and allowed us to pass. In passing I told her: “God bless you, madam!” She answered me: “Na God bless you I de chop?” (translated it means, ‘God bless you is too small for me; this greeting does not feed me; I need some money’). I did like I do not understand what she meant.and moved on. This is so sad, when someone chooses money in place of God’s blessings…She could have been happier with 500 naira, maybe; that is about $4. I was sorry for her husband or children if she had those…

As royal priests we are to bless people in the name of the Lord. The simple answer to such a royal greeting is “Amen!” That means you have received the blessing of God! This greeting is life to the spirit! It shall manifest for good, one way or another. No amount of money can buy the grace of God. Rejecting God’s Word of blessing is foolishness to say the least.

This particular journey has ended. Another will start soon…
I wanted to close these letters on a better note. But this is not fiction and I cannot invent the characters of the story. I wrote it in my diary as I saw it, thru the eyes of Christ. This painful re-entry in Nigeria reminds me that Christ came for needy sinners. The travelling was a good time to rest and be refreshed. But there is no need of romantic dreaming outside the reality of this life. I am also reminded that the evil spirit of religion has done great harm to many people. Especially in Nigeria. So, coming down from the mountain of transfiguration with its glimpses of glory and grace, there is work to do down in the valley. We have placed our hands on the plow! We cannot look back…Nothing shall discourage us! For as long as Jesus is Lord, ministry done in the power of the Holy Spirit shall be successful!. We declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over Nigeria! If the devil likes it or not, many souls shall be saved in this beautiful but hurting land.
So, Nigeria, Warri, here I come…
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

Love in Christ alone





“He (The Holy Spirit) will tell you what is yet to come…” (Jn 16:13)


No man knows the future. Only God, and He will not tell anyone, except to His children. The Holy Spirit gives us glimpses of the hope ahead. These are like light posts to guide us in the way. We do not have to know everything, but seeing the lights, like a pilot landing in darkness, we find the path ahead.


Let me be more practical. Going to Istanbul and back to Lagos, the weather was rough. Both flights had to pass thru serious periods of turbulence. A woman was praying in tongues loudly. Many anxious sounds were heard all over. But we kept calm with a supernatural peace. Why was it so?


The first thing I can say is that we trusted in God! Not in the pilot or any man, but it God. Secondly, we trusted in a prophetic word we received in the morning. The Holy Spirit revealed to us something we shall do at the end of February 2016. We have already said amen to that word. It simply follows that we can’t die before then.  This is a simple lesson we had to apply today. We rejected the evil spirit of fear! All the rough weather in the sky could not shake us for God is not the author of confusion.


Has the Holy Spirit given you a glimpse of things to come? Then He that showed you a little of your future is in control today! Any challenge you may face now is temporary! Learn to say: ‘This came to pass…” Have peace! Start rejoicing that you are a child of God! Praise God for the privilege of seeing the light shining in darkness, of knowing what to do even when all things seem hopeless!

Trust God!!!


As we finally landed, another surprise… the background music on Turkish airlines was this: “Do something new in my life, something new in my life…O, Lord!”

(can you believe that? God is wonderful…)

We came to the end of this journey and already God is planning a new wonderful thing for us…I love this God, there is no other like Him!


May God restore your ‘wounded’ peace and your ‘scattered’ joy! At the end of the storm the rainbow sends greetings…be strong in The Lord and in the power of His might! In Jesus name, Amen!





“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (Jn 13:34, 35)

The last time we came to Istanbul, we met a wonderful young man. He was an engineering student here in Istanbul but working part time as a receptionist at the hotel where we stayed. He went out of his way to make us happy. He upgraded our room without us asking for such a favor. When leaving, we gave him a gift of money. He was so surprised and asked us why. We said that he can be our son in the university. That he can use the money freely and happily. His name is Aslan.
We prayed that he may see the love of Jesus in our gift.

Yesterday we came at the same hotel. The new receptionist is his friend. He said that Aslan told him that any time we come he should inform him. Later in the day, whole we went out, Aslan came all the way from the university campus and he dropped a box of Turkish sweets and a ‘thank you’ note inside.
This is what the note said (I did not edit his English so that the sweet fragrance of it may come to you):

I was working here when you came this hotel first time. I quit this job but I talked about you to the new receptionist who is my friend. And he said to me you came again. You gave me a gift when you are leaving. Cause I am a student. It affects me so much and I want to thank you with this Turkish delight (I am sure they are not as sweet as much as you :)) Because you showed me being a good people independent of religion, race and nationality…Hope see you again, Mr and Mrs Leigh (two beautiful hearts)

May God bless Aslan with the blessings and the saving revelation of Jesus Christ!
In Jesus name

The journey continues…





“When they had all had enough to eat, He (Jesus) said to His disciples: Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted. So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets…” (Jn 6:12, 13)


During this trip we eat more than the usual amount of food. We may have an excuse for it was a Holiday. In the cruise ship there is buffet 24 hours. Much food is wasted and given to the fishes in the sea. The sea gulls follow the ship too for crumbs of food.


Jesus fed thousands with only few loaves of bread and fish. He told the people to sit down and eat. Then the crowds left. Why did Jesus told the disciples that the bread left on the grass should be gathered and kept? A simple answer is that Jesus does not want us to be wasteful in general and with our food in particular. This is the command of the Provider…Even if it was a miracle, we shall give an account of what was used and also of what was not used for the needs of that day.

God’s blessings and gifts are much more abundant and greater than our needs. For example, you are sick with malaria. You pray for healing and then the fever goes away. With that healing, other blessings follow: financial, spiritual, more peace, more joy…At last, you feel so good, so grateful, but often you don’t know what to do with the extra grace. Do not be passive in the mist of that overflow! Worship the Generous Loving Extravagant Provider God! Jesus says to be careful to acknowledge the work of Jehovah Jireh…to thank Him for the generous supply that came right in time, as an answer to prayer for your limited need…the supply is given according to God’s riches of His glorious grace in Christ Jesus….you are to preserve the extra blessings for a later need….You need to be prudent with the grace of God! You shall give an account for the way you invested it!

Have you thought of that?


Many squander and abandon the gifts supplied by God for past needs… Later, they pray for a miracle but there is no answer from God for the overflow is still in their savings account. Past blessings are to be used for later needs!!!

From the overflow of so many lessons from my past I had to use and re-use the same Word of God, again and again, not one letter was wasted. The Syrian woman was ready to die for crumbs of mercy, for her daughter’s healing…these are broken pieces of bread, crumbs of life… the dogs play with them under the table of carelessness….this is waste and laziness and sin, to leave food on your plate and grace unused stagnant in your spirit…


“Dear Father God, forgive me for wasting much grace in the past. Please help me to gather the extra blessings I may not need today, for future needs I know nothing about, so that I should never be anxious for tomorrow, knowing that You are more than enough for me, in all situations of life, present and the future. Help me to see how great You are! Help me to be a good steward of your gifts, grace and blessings given for past needs. Help me to be wise and to re-invest them in future challenges…In Jesus name, Amen”


The journey continues…


































“Get up; go away! For this is not your resting place yet…” (Micah 2:10)


One of the most difficult things to do is to keep walking until you reach your destination. We easily find excuses to sit down. Every nice bench will do for tired bones. Even the floor looks inviting…

This hotel room looks better than my own back home. The bathroom is marble and the door is made of mirror. So why leave and go? Because it is not mine! I have not reached my resting place. I am a pilgrim in this world. This place is good but the future planned by God for me is much better. So I learn to enjoy this moment …and then let it pass…for the promise of hope to have a chance and a space to manifest.


If God has given you a promise of a better future… if you are praying but the things are still not taking shape…if things distract you along the way, even then…still keep moving… until you cross the finishing line, until you reach your resting place.

A happy marriage is one of the resting places on this earth, no doubt about it…this is the word: if you are ‘unhappily’ married, keep praying, do not settle for less, the hotel is not your house and the hotel maid is not your wife…if you are not married, then move on with fasting and prayer until your life partner shall manifest…you shall not fall in love with a stranger, with a hotel greeter…your own is your own…


I encourage you to press on and fulfill your destiny in Christ, for all God’s children are special and their peace and joy is assured!

Get up now and keep moving…I am looking behind to see you coming… Do not disappoint me…soon, you shall see us moving ahead..

OYA! Keep moving…the best is yet to come!

(the word ‘Oya’ in Nigerian slang means “Let’s go!)


The journey continues…





‘Love is patient’ (1 Cor 13:4)

This trip is wonderful. My dear husband surprised me today. After 40 years of happy fruitful marriage, he bought me a diamond engagement ring. The truth is that when we got married we were both students and could not afford one. He promised me that one day, ‘when we have money’ he will buy one. After so many years, I forgot about it. We have gone in and out many gold shops and we never discussed that matter again.
That is why I was so surprised today…we went on this street, an ordinary street, and we entered this shop of ‘gold and diamonds’. He then said I should chose an engagement ring. I was surprised and a little embarrassed for I was not sure if he is joking or not. But he was serious…I prayed a quick prayer that the Holy Spirit should guide me…I did not know what is the latest fashion in engagement rings…then I saw this one, simple and perfect to my eyes, the ring was smiling, that is how I saw it…and I said: ‘This one I like…’ In less than 5 minutes it was mine, together with a certificate of value and the rest…My heart felt young…the promise given 40 years ago was fulfilled faster than I thought…the waiting was long but the manifestation was quick.
Right now, on my 60 years old wrinkled finger, shine the diamonds…today I laughed like Sarah of old…share in my happiness, please…

I encourage you to be patient to the end…There is a day and an hour when the promises of youth become real…be patient…the end of the matter is better than the beginning…trust me, I know…





“For where two or three come together in My name there I am with them” (Mt 18:20)

We arrived at Hamburg airport this evening. There was a waiting line for the taxi outside. One very active driver already carried some of our luggage inside his car. But the six of us wanted to be together. Then out of nowhere a bigger van came and the new driver told the other that he will take care of all of us. He was ‘a black man’. We were already happy now feeling like home…
Immediately we entered, he put on the music. We could not believe our ears. This is what came from the sound system: ‘Ancient words, ever true, changing me and changing you, we have come with open hearts, let the ancient words impart…Your loving kindness is better than life…my lips shall praise You…’ This was a wonderful surprise for it is very rare to hear Christian music in a taxi in Europe.

Then we started talking…the taxi driver was a born again child of God. His name is Ferdinand. He lives in Hamburg for the past 23 years. He is from Cameroon. Life was difficult here and this is how he gave his life to Christ.
O…the wonderful gift to be welcomed by a blessed brother, coming in the name of The Lord…Before the journey we have prayed that our steps shall be guided by The Lord. It is not only buildings we came to see, but, like the rose of the desert, the fragrance of Christ was found in the most unexpected places.I can’t explain the joy we all felt knowing that Jesus was with us in the taxi and that all we shall experience in this trip is a gift from His gracious hand.

Loneliness is a bad thing. No believer should feel lonely for too long… We do not know everything and everybody, but we know the One who knows it all…Let me tell you this, there is no ‘travel agent’ like the Holy Spirit…Yes, this is a good feeling to know I am a child of the Most High God!
May you never take for granted the ancient Words of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit…Your God goes before you to make the crooked unfamiliar roads straight, to prepare the place in advance, to drive away the enemies, to give you favor with all men and many tokens of His sweet presence along the way…life becomes easy and sweet…

I feel like royalty right now…come and join ‘the Club of the ambassadors for Christ’… It is not just 5 stars, forget the way men count them…it is the Kingdom of God made of limitless stars for they are all safe in His hands…
I am filled with the Spirit right now…don’t blame me that I am so happy…and don’t just stay there and grumble or be jealous…no need for that…You can be happy too…Come to Jesus! Come to the Bible! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!
The journey continues…