“When Christ ascended on high,
He led captivity captive,
And gave gifts to men (and women)” (Eph 4:8)

The women fellowship was done in the presence of God. We praised God and we testified of His goodness. Then we had a long prayer meeting led by the Holy Spirit. The following are the prayer points:
*We prayed for healing! Many sisters complained of fever, body pain and weakness. These symptoms look like malaria or typhoid fever. Both are common diseases in this area. But the medical treatment was not able to completely stop the sicknesses. We saw it as an evil attacks and we prayed against it! We shall not waste money in the hospital or at the pharmacy when God can heal us by His grace! We declared Jehovah Rapha as our Healer!
*We prayed for the spirit of worship. We asked God for the grace and the resources to be able to learn a musical instrument. We repented of the idea that we are too old, too foolish or too much ‘house wives’ to learn to play piano or guitar… For nothing is impossible with God!
*We prayed for the grace to join the pilgrims next year to go to Israel. Our feet must touch the streets of Jerusalem! God shall provide the money and the desire to go. There are no excuses anymore.
*We prayed for our husbands and children. No arrow of the enemy shall meet them. Their accounts shall increase and not decrease! These shall be promotion in the office! There shall be happiness in the marriages!
*We prayed for the single sisters to marry godly men!
*We prayed for the fruit of the womb. Children are a reward from God. A sister has been married for six years. She has never missed her monthly circle. This month she has missed it for two weeks. But she is in pains now…We rejected any evil spirit of miscarriage and sorrow. Another sister has been married for two years. She comes from another church. She got married there and none prayed for her as a bride, for the fruit of the womb. In our church, we always pray for spiritual and material blessings and also for the couple to have children. This evening we prayed for her! We told her that by faith, she should go and buy baby clothes. She shall be pregnant! To the glory of God!

We finally praised God for His loving care over us! To serve a God who answers prayers, that is a blessing beyond words! May Jesus Christ be glorified in this church! May the testimonies overflow! May the sick be healed! May the poor be rich! May the sinners be saved! May the barren be fruitful! May the singles marry well! May the mourning be turned into dancing!
“Father, Son and Holy Ghost, To You alone be all the glory!”

Dear friend,
By faith, may you partake from the river of anointing that is flowing to you right now! God is not a man that He should lie; not the Son of man that He should repent. God has said it! He shall perform it! Faith 100% Doubt 0%!
Come back with a wonderful testimony of salvation, healing, marriage, fruitfulness and miracles!
See you next year in Jerusalem!
May God’s plan for your life be fulfilled!
In Jesus name,


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