“The Lord God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him… I will make a helpmeet for him… a suitable companion who will help him… a counterpart” (Gen 2:18)

Before sin entered in the world, the creation is declared to be ‘very good’. It is in this atmosphere that we see the details of the first wedding. It is pure and it is beautiful! Much inspiration for our marriages comes from meditating upon it. God Himself is the Father of the Bride, the Father of the Bridegroom, the officiating Pastor and the wedding planner. The whole creation and the angels are the guests. Adam was created first. By God’s choice he shall be older than his wife. God gives him work to do in the garden. He tells him that the paradise has to be maintained in its purity thru loving labor and obedience to its Creator. God commands Adam ‘to work and to take care’ of the garden, created for his enjoyment. God did not plan to leave heaven, come down and settle in the garden. He was to come and visit in the evenings, to fellowship with Adam and Eve. The authority to take care of the earth was given to Adam by God.

Then suddenly God makes an observation. He says that ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. This is the first time God says ‘it is not good’. The word ‘alone’ means to be solitary, without companions or friends; it gives a sense of being incomplete, of longing for fellowship with others. The word in Hebrew means to be a branch of a tree without fruits. It describes just the part of a whole. It also means to be so unique, special and peculiar, that he is left without a mate. Adam was not aware of his loneliness. God who created him like that makes this observation. This loneliness is in spite of His continuous sweet fellowship with Adam. God has something in mind. He knows the needs of His creation more than anyone else. The loneliness God describes is the need for Adam to have someone just like him. That partner must also be created by God in His image. But that new creation is not a spirit; it must be covered with flesh like Adam.

To help Adam understand his need and to appreciate the new creation, God tells him to study the animal kingdom. He brings all the animals before Adam. He names them all. In the process he discovers that each one has a pair. Together they multiply. Slowly, Adam sees that he is really alone. He needs a partner, a companion, a friend, human like him but with the Spirit of God inside. Once the need was understood by Adam, God does the surgery. Out of his rib He creates Eve, as the wife of Adam. God decrees that these two are destined for one another, that they shall leave their parents and cleave to one another. That unit called marriage is the foundation of all other relationships on earth.
In the Garden of Eden, this tender scene is filled with holy romance…

In Christ I declare:
God loves my husband, me and our children!
God loves our marriage!
My husband shall never be alone!
I am created to be a suitable helper for him!
By the grace of God I shall never disappoint God!
Together, we shall fulfill destiny!
In Jesus name,


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