“The Lord God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him… I will make a helpmeet for him… a suitable companion who will help him… a counterpart” (Gen 2:18)



The wife is designed to be a Helper to her husband. It is a pity that sin has distorted much of our understanding of things. For many, the word ‘helper’ describes a low paid house servant, over-worked and un-fulfilled. This is the opposite of the truth described in the Book of Genesis.  God calls the wife ‘a helper comparable with her husband’. The word ‘helper’ is very powerful. It doesn’t imply in any way to be inferior. God doesn’t create inferior things. God Himself is a Helper. For example, the psalmist cries to God for help knowing that without help he will die. A helper is the one who saves another who is in need and gives him the gift of life.

‘O Lord, be my help…Surely God is my help; the Lord is the One who sustains me’ (Ps 30:10; 54:4).


In Hebrew the word ‘helper’ is ‘Azar’. It means to protect, help, succor, support and give material or nonmaterial encouragement. It often refers to aid in the form of military assistance; to lend strength or resources towards fulfilling a purpose. It also means to relieve from pain or to cure diseases. After receiving help, the man changes for the better.

In Greek it means to literarily run towards someone who needs help and cries in pain. The helper delivers another from suffering and troubles. A helper sustains another. The word ‘sustain’ means to carry on his back, to support during pain so that he can enter rest. Only a helper can facilitate the journey from pain to triumph! ‘Helper’ is a fellowship word; it is an intercession word. You help somebody else with your own resources. You give assistance, to support, to improve the atmosphere around the other person so that he can work better. It means to save from danger and unnecessary trials. It means to prevent and restrain intruders, to protect the relationship. It means to promote, to make something better than it is. Without the helper, the man cannot fulfill his God’s given destiny. This is God’s wonderful design for us women in general and wives in particular.



The wisdom of a teacher

The strength of a soldier

The gentleness of a mother

The patience of a nurse

The eyes of a prophet

The anointing of a preacher

The account of a millionaire

The feet of a gazelle

The wings of a eagle

The skilful tongue of a ready writer

The freedom of an angel

The beauty of holiness

The faithfulness of a friend

The passion of a lover…

You need the Spirit of God filling and leading you…

No woman can be a successful wife, without the help of God!

Be filled with the Holy Spirit!

In Jesus name,



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