“The Lord God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him… I will make a helpmeet for him… a suitable companion who will help him… a counterpart” (Gen 2:18)



Looking at all these definitions and quotes, we draw the conclusion that marriage is very important to God because He invented it. To be a godly wife is an extraordinary achievement. Marriage was decreed even before the church was born. A question for you: how much value do you think God places on your marriage? The answer is a great revelation: God loves your marriage as much as Christ loves the church! That is why He commands the men to love their wives just like Jesus loves the church. The women submit to their own husbands just like the church submits to Christ! Selah!



For marriage to be successful, you need ‘to leave your mother and father and to cleave to your husband’! If there is no ‘leaving’ there is no ‘cleaving’. As a married woman you do not have to obey your parents anymore. You help them and honor them. But you are not under their direct authority anymore. The word ‘leave’ means to forsake, to dis-engage and let something go away. After marriage, your relationship with your parents has to go to the altar. Things have to change. The natural becomes spiritual! It is all for the better. You need to ‘cleave’ to your husband, for the unity of the Spirit to be manifested. In Hebrew, the word ‘cleave’ means to pursue hard, to chase another and to overtake him. The picture is a violent collision that will create an effect. It means to hold very tight until you are joined together. For example, the same word describes the way Eleazar, one of David’s men of valor, held on his sword until he killed all his enemies. God gave him supernatural victory because ‘he cleaved to his sword’. NIV says that his hand ‘froze’ to the sword (2Sam 23:10). You too, hold on to your husband, cleave to him, praying to God, until the victory is sure!


As a wife, ‘you submit to your own husband as unto the Lord’ (Eph 5:22). Your submission will become his help. Without you, your husband will not be able to fulfill his destiny. Literarily, his future is in your hands. This is a great responsibility. That is why you should not marry an unbeliever. But even if you made a mistake, you should not divorce, but continue to pray for mercy and grace. Pray that your marriage will succeed! To be a godly wife is ministry indeed! Be a ‘Proverbs 31 woman of God’! Do not take your marriage for granted! Husband and wife have to be best friends! If your husband falls, be a helper and lift him up! Do it quietly and give all the glory to God! Fear not! God is on your side! God loves and values your marriage! Do not disappoint God! Even if your husband does not appreciate you, God appreciates you! My husband and I are married for over 40 years. I speak trusting the authority of the Word of God and even from my own experience!

May God bless you, help you and give you peace!

In Jesus name,



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