“Quench not the Spirit… Don’t stifle the Spirit… Do not put out the Spirit’s fire” (1Thess 5:19)
The Holy Spirit is a Person. The Holy Spirit is God. One of His symbols in the Bible is fire. “Our God is a consuming fire’ (Heb 12:29). Fire purifies by burning the impurities in a metal. “Silver and gold are purified by fire, but God purifies hearts” (PV 17:3). Passing anything thru fire it reduces the weight and size of that object, for only that which is pure will remain.
God allows us to pass thru the fire of affliction, sickness, loneliness and pain. These are unpleasant things. Nobody likes to suffer. But God supervises the process and like Job, we come out the better. At the end of the tunnel we start manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit, we become more loving, patient and wise. Our words have greater impact in the listeners. Every true Christian is able to give thanks to God for the fire of the Holy Spirit. This work of purifying the character cannot be done by man or by circumstances. We may pray many prayers and nothing changes. Suddenly Jesus manifests as the Baptizer with fire and terrible habits and sins just disappear. Your heavy burden of shame and condemnation is gone! When fire comes down is always a miracle of life revived!

How does a Christian quench the Holy Spirit?
This is one of the shortest verses in the Bible. It is God’s command to His children because an unbeliever does not know the Holy Spirit. We have a choice: we either obey or we disobey.
The warning against the quenching of the Spirit applies to individual believers and congregations. One way to quench the Spirit is by allowing the evil spirit of religion to have access to your mind or to your church. It is the same as offering ‘strange, fake fire’ from the devil who comes as an angel of light. Now there is a competition of fires. God is jealous and He will instantly expose the fake. But if you continue to resist the chastisement of the Holy Spirit you shall grieve Him to the point in which He will withdraw from your life or church. That will manifest as an increase of sins that no prayer can stop. Demons come back. Sinful habits you gave up in the past are revived and overcome your personality. The heart becomes a stronghold for evil spirits, full of wicked thoughts and unholy imaginations. There is a terror inside that will kill any desire to serve God. The believer backslides and no man can help.

No deliverance is possible in the absence of the fire of the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit is quenched in a church, the religious spirits take over. The holy place becomes ‘a den of robbers’. The true worship is replaced by ordinary singing. True ministry is replaced by restless activities. Entertainment and programs define that church. The pastor stops preaching the Gospel of Christ Crucified. The words that come from the pulpit are only business and empty slogans. Mammon is god over that congregation. Nobody is saved. Hell is happy…The end is death and destruction…what a tragedy…

How do we bring back the fire?
Come to God in repentance. Go to the Cross! See Christ crucified! Pray until He has mercy on you. Pray until God touches your heart again. All revivals start with honest desperate prayers. Go back to the Bible. Read it on your knees. Tell God that you miss Him. Tell God that you are the prodigal son coming home. God listens to your words. Reject all evil demons of religion, doubt, love of the world, love of money and entertainment. Desire to be a true, holy and serious Christian! Desire to serve and worship God! Change your church if there is no fire! Your soul is more important than any friends you have made there! Be persistent! Eventually, God will come down and embrace you! The fire will burn your fears and depression! The fire will come with joy unspeakable and full of glory! Even your liver will smile! You shall have a new push for life! You shall rejoice in the Lord once more! The joy of the Lord shall become your strength! God is faithful! He will do it!

“Come, Jesus, Lord, with holy fire,
Come, and my quickened heart inspire,
My conscience purged by blood;
Now to my soul Thyself reveal,
Thy mighty working let me feel,
Since I am born of God!

Let nothing now my heart divide,
Since with Thee I am crucified,
And live to God in Thee.
Dead to the world and all its toys,
Its idle pomp and fading joys,
Jesus, my glory be!”

(Charles Wesley 1707-1788)

May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn once more in your soul! This is my prayer for you!
“Fire fall on me!”


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