“Today is a holy day for the Lord. Don’t be sad because the joy you have in the LORD is your strength.” (Neh 8:10)
One of the special marks of a born again Christian is supernatural joy. No matter the circumstances, the child of God cannot sink into total despair. Hope will always lift him up. Jesus persevered thru the pain and shame at the Cross because He saw the joy ahead. This royal joy is the crown of victory as the first born from the dead. This joy includes you and me, together at the table, as members of God’s Family. His joy flows in my veins and nothing can quench it.

the_joy_of_the_lord_is_your_strengthI see terrible things on the TV… I pass thru difficult times and challenging seasons, and even then…this joy of the Lord is mine, I cannot deny it…It is my treasure, my engagement ring and my seal from the One who died for me! I live because Jesus lives! We share in the victory, we have fellowship in the Holy Spirit and we rejoice together for the greater things to come! So, I do not worry, for the future is not in my hand, but in the hand of the Potter who knows it all! Praise be to God!


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