This is a letter from a young man…
“Gooday mummy… I want u to please enlighten me. We had some discussion with some fellow brethren which a female is among. During the discussion, one of the brethren said that a woman is not authorized to preach to a man and he backed it up with a scripture 1timothy 2:11. Our female sister couldn’t back up at that point with any other scripture. So ma, I want to know: is a female supposed to preach in the church?”

‘The Lord gives the Word (of power); the women who bear and publish (the news) are a great host. The kings of the enemies’ armies they flee, they flee! She who tarries at home divides the spoil (left behind) (Ps 68:11, 12, AB).

Dear I…
Christianity has some basic doctrines that cannot be argued about: for example, 1. SALVATION IS BY GRACE THRU FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST! You must be born again! 2. God is a Trinity, three in One! 3. God is sovereign over all His creation… etc. But there are also some other subjects that are not basic to salvation: For example: the way to dress, what you eat, female preachers etc. You can be saved and go to heaven even if you do not believe that women can dress with trousers, for example. These are not essential to salvation. It depends on the maturity of the believer and the background he comes from. There is no need to argue with people about these things. You go and pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. Whatever God says to you personally, just believe it! The truth will set you free from the bondage of pleasing men, from their opinions and traditions, from cultural, racial or religious prejudice. The evil spirit of religion has done much damage in the churches by dividing them thru foolish arguments like these.

As for the passage you quoted in 1Tim 2…Because of disobedience (Gen 3) there is a curse upon the women as the daughters of Eve. In the flesh, they have a tendency to manipulate and control men. This is true! This evil desire is seen in their marriages or their ministries. This is the sin of rebellion. Its source is the same devil that deceived Eve.
What is the solution? It is found at the Cross of Calvary where Jesus died for us! In Christ there is no male or female (Gal 3:28). Naturally the man is stronger than the woman. In the marriage, the wife is to submit to her husband! God is the Author of order! But when it comes to spiritual things, salvation, the anointing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit etc there is no difference between the genders. For example, there is no ‘female’ Holy Spirit…there is no ‘American or white’ Holy Spirit… In Christ, all believers are one! Women are not slaves or second class citizens in the Kingdom of God. Read also 1Tim 2:15. The curse of women’s foolish rebellion is broken only in Christ! A mature woman of God ‘is saved thru childbearing…’ That does not mean that she will go to heaven if she is a mother. What it means is that if she has proven over the years that she is spiritually fruitful, she should be respected as a woman of God. The curse placed upon the natural women is broken is her life. Just like in the natural, a mother has sons and daughters. Her spiritual converts are men and women, born again and walking with God. Such a preacher, male or female should be honored, for God is with that one!

I am sixty years old. I became born again and Spirit filled in 1986. By His grace, I am a woman of God, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I am a pastor too. I am a mother in Christ to many, male and female.
My husband and I are both medical doctors. Probably you know that we started Lily Clinic in this town. It was a successful private clinic. In 1999 the Lord spoke to both of us, separately and together that we should sell the medical equipment and start a Church in our building. We obeyed. In March 2000 Father’s House Bible Church, Warri, Nigeria was born. We started with less than 20 people, now we are thousands! All glory to God!

My husband is the senior pastor of the church. Both of us are in full time ministry and we both preach the Gospel! God called me to full time ministry, to serve Him as a preacher and teacher of His Word. But I do not take my call for granted. As a wife I submit to my husband, as unto the Lord (Eph 5:22). In doctrines and teachings I also have to submit to him as my pastor (Heb 13:17). The devil is very crafty to bring divisions in the home, especially when both of us have a public ministry. We have different styles of preaching and different gifts of the Holy Spirit. But the Spirit is one! In particular, I have to be very careful to keep the unity of the Spirit and not preach something different from his teachings. He has the right to correct me. He also covers me. My husband encourages me in ministry, so I am covered spiritually. I am the pastor of the women in our church. I also preach to the whole church, leading the prophetic prayer meeting on Saturday evenings. Being a foreigner makes it even harder. But I do not complain…I do not insist that men should come when I preach. Each one should decide what to do and be led by the Holy Spirit.
Finally thank God for calling me to full time ministry. I do not have to apologies for it. It is God and not man that called me. My duty is to be found faithful to Him who called me to serve His Son with the preaching of the Gospel! The opinions and plans of men cannot change that! This is my testimony. My counsel is this: each woman has to find her own gifts, identity and freedom. If God opens a door, no man can shut it! If God has called her to ministry, He will make a way, against all odds…No need to argue…Thru faith and patience we inherit the promises of God!
I hope that my answer has helped you…I wish you well…
Love in Christ alone

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I am a servant of God!
I am a preacher of the Gospel!
I am a pastor!
I am a godly wife, mother and grandmother!
All to the glory of God!
In Jesus name


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