“Because he loves Me –says the Lord- I will rescue him! I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name! He will call upon Me and I will answer him! I will be with him in trouble! I will deliver him and honor him! With long life I will satisfy him and show him My salvation!” (Ps 91:14-16)

Our church had a week of fasting and prayer. We were seeking God’s face in regard to the present and the future. We prayed for the strength, for the resources to finish the new sanctuary and to move in there. We observed that recently the attacks against our marriages have increased. We prayed for wisdom, love and the unity of the Spirit in our marriages. The demons of hell are coming against our country in the form of Muslim terrorists called Boko Haram and as a strange deadly sickness called ‘ebola’. We prayed for an increased faith to trust God in times like these. As a body, we lifted our voices to God in desperate prayers that He should come down to give us the victory. We gave God thanks for the many miracles witnessed already and for the many to come. We vowed to give God all the glory for the testimonies of His grace, Power and Goodness. We declared that Jesus is alive and that Jesus is Lord!
Pastor Leigh and the other pastors appointed to preach during the week quoted different scriptures: Psalm 91; Joshua 7 and 8; Psalm 25:14; Psalm 125:1; Proverbs 3:5, 6; 2Timothy 3:1-5; Ex 14:14 and John 16:1-4. Like a string holding the beads, the Holy Spirit connected all these scriptures. These are the main prophetic lessons:
*God is in control of the earth He has created. Nothing happens without God knowing it. There is no need to fear what others fear. There is no need to panic, for our Lord is above all principalities and power. The name of Jesus is stronger than all other names, including Boko Haram, ebola and all others deadly plagues. The bondage of the fear of death has been destroyed! We are free indeed!
*God shall overturn the tables. The strong and proud shall become weak and foolish. The humble and faithful shall become the true leaders. God will reveal new strategies for victory and breakthrough so that the enemies will be confused and defeated totally. Everybody shall know that our God is God Almighty!
*These are the end times. Our Lord has warned us of great trials in this world. There shall be ‘perilous times’ when evil, wickedness, darkness, empty religion and sin will increase. Nations will fight against nations. There shall be rumors of war and other terrible things happening. But we are to be careful and no respond like the world does. We should not panic, fear or faint in our hearts. We are to fear God who will reveal ‘His covenant secrets’ of protection and grace to His children.
*The work of God shall go on. In spite of all these arracks and provocations, the house of God shall be finished in time and we shall cross over to the new building. Herod killed all the children in Jerusalem. That was a national tragedy. It could have been ‘breaking news’ on CNN. But with all his soldiers, power and money, Herod could not kill Baby Jesus. The plan of God can never be thwarted by demons of their human agents. Whatever God has started in your life, God will finish it to His glory! If God has given you a glimpse of your future then the present must be in God’s hands. For example, if God has given you the assurance that you shall see your children’s children, then no sickness from the pit of hell can kill you now. God is not the author of confusion or fear. God is the God of peace and final authority in this universe. God has not abandoned His responsibilities as a Creator of the earth to the devil. God is not passive and He is not sleeping. God is an active ‘hands on’ Father to His children. He trains us. He chastises us. But we shall never be abandoned to the devil and his agents on earth. God’s mercies are new every morning and His children will partake from them. This is our testimony!
*We should trust God with all our hearts. We should not trust men, money, demonic powers or even our own limited understanding. These are all idols and they shall fail. We shall trust only God for protection, finances, healing, victory and success. God shall make our paths straight and simplify our lives. Our trust in God eliminates shame and disappointment. In Christ, we shall overcome the world! Our light will shine and the nations shall see that Jesus is Lord!
*God is with us in trouble! God shall fight for us! We can never lose! The victory is sure!
*With long life God shall satisfy us and show to us His salvation! In spite of it all, Jesus shall be revealed to many in this land. Muslims and pagans shall become born again! They will drop their guns and their shrine idols and take the Bible and preach the Word of God! A man of God said once: “The Galilean has done it again!” Yes, Lord!
*Lastly, we shall praise God all the days of our lives! For He alone is worthy! Jesus is Lord! Praise and worship is our eternal business, now and forever! Come and join the army that knows no defeat! Come and drink from the water of life freely given by Christ, who died that we may live for Him! God bless Father’s House Bible Church Warri Nigeria! Halleluiah to the Lamb of God!


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