“Praise The Lord!
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.
Remember me, Lord, when You show favor to Your people, come to my aid when You save them…
that I may enjoy the prosperity of Your chosen ones, that I may share in the joy of Your nation and join Your inheritance in giving praise” (Ps 106:1-5)

My husband and I were ready to come to visit the children and their families in Houston, Tx. We bought our (non refundable) tickets and prepared for a wonderful trip. We were to leave on Monday morning. All was planned and prayed for. Then the devil stroke a fiery arrow…
As we’re closing the service last Sunday, suddenly I felt a very sharp pain on my left shoulder. Then it spread to the whole chest. I could only pray in my spirit. I had a planned meeting with some brethren at the end of the service. I could not tell them how sick I was, but prayed for them for the days ahead. Earlier in the service, I shared with the congregation a word of encouragement, saying this:
if evil thoughts come to your mind, like birds flying over your head, you can’t stop them all, for many birds fly everywhere. But if one particular evil bird comes and lands on your head, do not be afraid, do not draw back with the bird sitting there…just be bold! Catch it and bring it to judgment facing Christ and His Word. Every word, every idea that is not of God must bow to Christ (2 Cor 10:5). I also told the brethren that they should not fear during these days of wars, rumors of wars and plagues. That they should stay focused, not looking around at the circumstances, but up and see Jesus, the King. For then, their victory is sure.

I did not know that in less than 2 hours the devil will attack me to swallow my words. The pain was terrible. I could not breathe well, I could not stand, I could not even lie down. As a doctor, this could have been ‘a heart attack’ or a sudden viral infection. These a very serious things…. With Ebola stories this was a terrible news…To travel abroad tomorrow seem impossible. Flashes of staying in quarantines, with mean nurses monitoring my dying days were coming like a flood to my mind. Why now? Why so painful, so sudden? This could not be ‘an ordinary sickness’…but how can I explain this to the health teams in the airports?

These worries were like the evil birds flying over my head…But in my spirit I knew it was an arrow, a spiritual poison. Thank God for a godly Holy Spirit filled husband. He became very angry at the devil. He commanded it to leave me and go away, in the name of Jesus! He then confidently prophesied that we shall travel tomorrow and enjoy this long awaited vacation. Another evil bird tried to land on my ears saying, that my husband is joking.
I remembered the words I shared with the brethren that morning. I took courage from the very words that came from my own mouth. The devil was mocking even my ministry…Do I believe what I am preaching, or not? Do I expect people to believe my own preaching, when in times of trouble I doubt it myself?
In the midst of that attack I chose to believe God’s Word! It is not my word, but God’s! I arrested all the evil ‘birds’ of fear of Ebola, heart attack or untimely death; of doubt, unbelief, witchcraft or spiritual poison. I brought these before the Word of God that says: ‘With long life will I satisfy you and show you My salvation…I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord’

The arrested birds died before the Cross. Not one survived. God answered my husband’ s prayer and honored his prophecy. Miraculously, even with the tormenting pain in my chest, I felt asleep for few minutes. I woke up and half of the pain was gone. O…the sweet relief…Before 12 midnight I was my usual self. I could pack my suitcase and we travelled like children who escaped the fowler’s snare.
Yes, I will enjoy my Holliday…
I will try to keep in touch with you all…

What is the lesson? The Word of God is supreme! No other idea should parasite your mind! Arrest all evil wild thoughts and bring them to the Cross! That is their burial ground! Try it and see for God is not a respecter of persons…also, remember the sermons you listen to in the church. These are prophetic helps in time of need.

Let’s pray: I come against any arrow of poison that is attacking you with sickness, weakness or intimidation! I declare that you devil are a liar! That your wicked words are all lies and we reject them totally! The Word of God is Truth! Holy Spirit come and take control! Change this impossible situation into a testimony that will add to Your praise! In Jesus name I pray, amen!

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