“There was no room for them in the inn” (Lk 2:7)
We arrived in Houston at about 6pm. After waiting on line at the immigration, hiring a car, following the GPS instructions in the city traffic, we finally arrived at our hotel. Jemine booked this hotel for us thru Expedia. What we wanted was an in-expensive room, close to her home, with full kitchen in case we want to cook Nigerian food later. Jemine has found this hotel that met all our requirements. Tired after the long flight, we came into the hotel’s lobby at about 9pm. A young man at the reception informed us that our room has been given to another person. He also said that they are fully booked, that they have informed Expedia about this situation. He said that their policy is that if the client does not come before 6pm, they will give the room to another. He said this without any smile or apologies. We tried to argue saying that our daughter has already paid for and the document says that we covered in case of late arrival. The young man did not care at all about our pleas. We then called Jemine. She said that Expedia was on the phone with her apologizing, blaming the hotel for a breach of contract. Soon Matthew and Jemine came to meet us there. Jemine was very upset with Expedia; ‘super-disappointed’ I heard her say to them. I found myself thinking…is this why some hotels are called cheap? Even here man can let down another…

Long story short, Expedia tried to repair the damage and offered us another hotel to stay. We drove there wondering if the new one is worst than the first…no need to worry, God has gone before us…we were directed to a wonderful hotel, given a suite there. The price of this one is 3 times the amount paid for the first. But Expedia said they will not charge Jemine more money. In other words we got a duplex for the price of a ‘boys-quarters’… Only God can do things like these…
We arrived tired at about 10pm at the reception of the new hotel. The whole atmosphere was different. The lady at the reception was nice, smiling. There were flowers everywhere (the other hotel had no flower at all). There was a beautiful hand made sign saying ‘Welcome Friends- this is an oasis of rest and laughter”. They gave us ‘a royal suite’. It was big and very clean…much more than we expected. So in one night, from tired disappointment to joyful peaceful rest, Jesus lead us thru, again…from ‘no star hotel’ to ‘many stars hotel’, just like that, we were not too tired to thank God for over-ruling our human choices.
The Star of Bethlehem is not just history. It lead us to a palace for the price of ‘a cut and nail’ (you know what I mean…). The story is not finished…Expedia also gave Jemine $ bonus, to cover up for the disappointment. The truth is that I saw this hotel when we were looking where to book, but it was too expensive for us. Apparently, Our Father in Heaven paid the bill. It was not too expensive for God.

Just in case you laugh at our faith, that is ok…I did the same for many years. There was a time when I trusted only in myself, my wisdom and my strength. I did not allow any room for changes of plans, for I never trusted God who could do that anytime, without apologies…
But it is so different now. Thank God I am not my own god anymore.

If you believe in God, then trust Him with all your heart, for everything that concerns you and your family. Trust God for your health, length of life, choice of a life partner, choice of children, finances, choice of work and even for times of refreshing and rest. Trust God not only for the big things, but also for the little things, the in between things, the secret things, the details…
God over-rules my choices and it is my privilege to acknowledge that!!!

Like Joseph and Mary, when there is no room at the inn, God’s plan still goes on…the King of kings was born. Life eternal became the River of life in the desert of this world. God is the same…God never changes…our disappointments give God room to create a new thing, much better than anything our mind can imagine…Trust the Living God of miracles and wonder, the Wonderful Counsellor, the Prince of peace and the Mighty limitless God!

As for us, we enjoy our royal suite of many stars, courtesy of our Lord and Provider, Jehovah Jireh! Greetings to you all…may your faith increase…
Little is much when God is inside! Selah!!!


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