“For life is more than food and the body more than clothing” (Lk 12:23)

We are spending some time in Houston, Tx, visiting the children and the grandchildren. Some few days I was really sick, with a mysterious cold that ‘missed road’ as we say in Nigeria. Here fashion is king. All the malls have a lot of stuff, dresses, shoes…in the past I used to get excited, seeing all that display…it is natural, you may say… But this time, it was different…Feverish, as I walked between the rows of stuff, all my mind was to go home and rest…I saw beautiful hats with ribbons, but I had a headache…I saw shining shoes, exactly my size, but my feet hurt…I saw leather bags of all shapes and styles, but my left shoulder was paining me… I saw some belts with studs but my waist was too stiff to try them on… I tried to smell some expensive perfume but I had a dry cough that refused to let me enjoy it… we went to some fine restaurants but I had no appetite for any food…

Now back to holy basics! The Word of God is true! ‘Life is so much more than food bought with money and the body is too wonderfully and fearfully made to be compared with some designer’s bling bling. Yes, it wad good for me to learn this lesson once more…God allows some sickness, frustration or limitation to remind us of what is important and what is not. Suddenly, the confusion, the desire to impress others, the vanity of this world…is gone. During the height of my sickness, I could have easily decided to live my life with just bread, water and fruits, and dress with just simple 3$ T shirts, so far the pain, headache and cold was gone.
Yes, health is a blessing from God! I will never take it for granted again! Heaven opened over me when the pain was gone. No joking… There is no doubt that the Word of God is better than the fanciest food on the table. It is pure. It is powerful. It is eternal. I am never too old to learn the secret of life.
It is well with my soul…and my body too…
Do you need to ask? My secret is Jesus, my Lord…”Yes, it is Jesus in my soul!”

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