“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (1Tim 6:10)


These are ‘the last days’. The spiritual darkness will increase and men will become worse. But the light of God shines in the midst of darkness, unafraid and unquenchable. The people of God shall become stronger, more faithful and do exploits in the name of the Lord. Light is not intimidated by darkness for it is the winner.

One of the terrible manifestations of spiritual darkness is the replacement of the holy love of God with the love of money. There are many pastors who survive just by preaching and encouraging the love of money. There are many congregations who are lead astray from the truth of the Gospel. These end up as bitter roots, trouble makers, practicing ‘all kinds of evil’ that will bring much sorrow and disappointment at last. The love of money competes directly with the worship of God. It is an enemy to the knowledge of God. You cannot serve bot God and mammon. You have to choose one and reject the other.


This is a true story. Many years ago I visited a church here in Nigeria. During the sermon God gave me a word for the church. At the end of the service I asked one of the ushers about the protocol in that particular church. I said I wanted to talk to the pastor who just preached the message or to his wife. I was directed to his wife. I introduced myself and I told her that I feel in my spirit that they are going towards danger; that they are deviating from the safe path of godliness with contentment, that they encourage lusting after material things and greed as a life style. I told her to pray about it and discuss it with her husband. I told her that I personally have no gain in bringing this word; that I came as a messenger of God. She looked at me with a strange look and said: “Dr. Mrs. Leigh, I know you… Next time please do not bother coming with any word. We know the Bible more than you. What we need is money. You are a successful doctor and not a pastor. Tell your husband to bring money to church…we need money…” I was shocked. I could not comment. I greeted her and left. I never went back to that church. But the Word of God is true. This couple has suffered untold sorrows, much more than the problems ‘common to men’.


Greed is a terrible and shameful thing. Please be honest…These are good questions: Do you love money? Do you direct your life based on the profit you make? Is your job or your boss your god? Are you ready to take any risk and be transferred to the ends of the earth just for a better job? Is the choice of a spouse based on your financial calculations? Is the choice of your local church based on greed? Are you sadder when you lose money than when you lose a friend? Are you more worried by your lack of promotion in your office than by the grieving of the Holy Spirit? Is the choice of a Bank more important to you than the choice of a local church where you can serve God and fellowship with godly men? Does your Bank manager have more influence in your life than your pastor? Do you go to church to hear about finances all the time or you really want to know God?

The answers are sign posts on your path. You either go to heaven or to hell. There is no middle ground.

What is the solution? Jesus said that you should seek FIRST the kingdom of God and its righteousness and then, all other things, including money, promotions and other material things shall follow you. This is the Word of God. No man or devil can change it! May mercy and wisdom from above be your portion today! In Jesus name, Amen!

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