“Out of His fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given” (Jn 1:16)

Grace is defined as the unmerited favor of God. The only source of grace in the whole universe is God. Jesus came to earth ‘full of truth and grace’. Truth without grace is fearful to sinful men. But grace makes it easy to digest, so that truth changes us to be free and strong. When the grace of God abides on a man, things just ‘happen’ with ease and joy. Other men labour and struggle, but the man who has the favor of God moves on, thru all things unhindered. If you see a man who is successful without much labor, the only explanation is that the grace of God is on Him.

Joseph suffered much, betrayed by his brothers, slandered by the wife of his boss, forgotten by all in prison…but ‘God was with Joseph’. That simple statement means that the grace of God was upon him and no one could destroy his destiny. Eventually, in God’s time, he became the Prime minister of Egypt.

Esther was surely not the most beautiful face Susa. But it is on record that she had favor with the eunuch. Just like that, the eunuch in charge of the harem liked her. He stands for the Holy Spirit. He knows what the king loves and hates. He was the one who advised Esther what perfume, what jewelry, what clothes, manners or language to use, to impress the king. That is how Esther ‘received favor with the king’ and became his queen. If you have favor with the Holy Spirit, you will surely have favor with King Jesus. Grace upon grace already given… With the crown on her head, Queen Esther ‘received favor with all men who saw her’. The hidden grace became the foundation of visible grace.

There are levels of grace, increasing the influence of ministry. When grace is given, it has the potential to increase its power, to multiply it’s reach. Men who’ve ignored you, they will soon observe you and come closer to help and minster to you. Grace changes the flow of men and circumstances. Holy success follows…
Grace is more attractive than natural beauty. It cannot be bought with money or gold. It is reserved as a unique divine gift for the humble in Christ. It is not easy to kill your pride, but the Cross is able to do it. There is a fear that becoming humble men will take you for granted. This is true…but by the time the sunshine of grace will rise on you, the same men will have no other choice than to come back to you and declare that God loves you!

This is a question…what do you make of these words? Are you interested in them? Do you covet the best gifts from God? May your heart desire this exquisite jewel of all ages called the grace of God! Your life will never be the same again, I promise you…

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