“May my prayer be set before You like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice” (Ps 141:2)

Aaron was to come every morning and evening in the holy place. He was to add incense on the coals of the altar of incense. Then the fragrant smoke will rise to God. Without fire, incense has no smell and no power to rise. The fire that destroys other things is necessary to change the incense into an acceptable gift to God.
Incense is the symbol or prayer and worship. Most prayers are too ‘cold’ to touch the heart of God. The believer needs the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within for his prayers to be acceptable to God.

The question is this: is the fire of passion and love for Jesus burning in your spirit? This is not a theoretical question…the fire I am taking about is real, hot, sweet, fragrant and strong. When I touch my heart, I can feel its rumblings…like a volcano…it’s heat flows within my veins…it makes my words fire and the listeners wood. The fire in the tabernacle fell directly from heaven. The priests were supposed to take care of the supernatural coals, day and night. In the same way, are you jealous over the deposit of the Holy Spirit in you? Are you happy and grateful that your heart is still burning for The Lord? Because of the increase is wickedness in the land, the love of many has lost its Heat…but true Love is like a fire and many rivers of this world cannot quench it.

Let’s pray…”Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for my lukewarm religion…please rekindle in me the fire of true love and pure passion for Your wonderful Son, Jesus Christ…I desire that my prayers leave the earth and touch Your heart in heaven…I desire that my lifted hands in worship is an evening gift to You…I desire to live a real life, much more than symbols, above dreams and wishful thinking …i want to be like Jesus…I want to be one with You, now and forever…in Jesus name I pray, amen”

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