This is a young couple I counsel. Both of them are born again. They planned to marry end of November. They have already done the traditional marriage paying ‘the bride price’. Suddenly, the young man came shaking to tell me that something tragic beyond his control has happened: he has lost all his money. With fear in his eyes, he said that there is no money in his account for him to go ahead with the planned wedding; that there is no other option than to postpone the wedding until next year. It is not easy to see a man shaking and crying…

I rebuked him, telling him that he talks like an unbeliever, like a coward and like a failure. That I do not accept this type of speech, for it is the result of evil spirits of lies and doubt. I told him that the two of them should fast and pray for God to take control. Nothing is too late for God. Nothing is impossible for God! As a believer, he needs faith and not money! Faith is more expensive than silver and gold. Money is not the main problem but he needs to repent of allowing the evil spirits of fear and doubt to control his mind and tongue. He was humbled and ashamed. Maybe he thought that I will sympathize with his pain and cry with him for the coming disaster…
He was wrong! I resist the devil and he must flee form me! Even as a Doctor, I could not give up on my patient for as long there is breath in his body…I do not give up easily…I told him!

Please pray that God will touch this couple and prove to be God. Pray that this challenge of losing money will be overcome thru faith in the only Living God! Pray that miraculously, they shall witness His supernatural provision. The devil intended to disgrace this young couple. Pray that God will turn the tables and that He will glorify Himself in this ‘impossible’ situation. God loves His glory! Let God have it all!

I thank you for all the words of prayer and encouragement. God bless you dear faithful humble intercessors!

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