“It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife” (PV 21:19)

A hard hearted woman is not ‘a marriage material’ for she cannot submit to her husband or to anybody. She lusts after things and after other men. She is ready to fight, slander and kill to achieve her selfish desires. She worries and manipulates. She is loud, quarrelsome and complaining. She is never grateful. She provokes her husband to anger and blames him for being violent. She calls herself ‘a disciplinarian’; she is tough with her children, staff and others and she is proud of it. She has no desire to change. Just like iron cannot be welded to a rock, so this woman cannot cleave to her husband.in marriage. The marriage will remain divided and divorce will come at last. She will then look for new victims to deceive and oppress. Many have fallen prey to such women.

Many women are attracted by ‘tough guys’ who have money and power. Men want to marry women who are ‘iron ladies’, over-confident, rich and strong willed. All these people think that the toughness of their spouses will make their marriage easier. But this is a deception and a lie of the devil. It is only God that makes a marriage easy, peaceful, sweet, happy and successful! Only God!  Only God!

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