The meeting was very good. The Holy Spirit was moving in our midst making it easy to pray, praise, preach and prophesy. There is nothing better than the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There was also the desire to pray for the sick. We did so. I have attended prayer meetings and church services without the liberty of the Holy Spirit. Men did their best to serve God with prayer, singing and talking. But at the end of the service, there was something like a bitter taste in the mouth, a feeling of sadness and regret, a missing of the mark, a sense of failure in the midst of plenty, a wish that things could be better…That is why we so appreciate the Holy Spirit. He is the difference in our life and ministry. In His presence we feel free and strong, happy and wise. Faith rises and miracles follow. We are so grateful Lord…


Then the message followed:

“Then the Lord said to Jacob: “Return to the land of your fathers and to your family, and I will be with you… Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there; and make an altar there to God, who appeared to you when you fled from the face of Esau your brother…” (Gen 31; 35)


Twenty years have passed since Jacob had an encounter with God at Bethel. He worked for Laban, his uncle: 14 years labor to get married to his two wives and 6 more years to gather his wealth. The time in his uncle house was not an easy one, for Laban was a cheat and a rough man. But Jacob has discovered that the God of Bethel has been with him all this time, quietly directing his life. Against all odds, at the end of twenty years he was a married man with children and also a wealthy man. This is the moment when God speaks to him: “Return to the land of your fathers and to your family, and I will be with you…”

The voice of God announces a change of direction. As it was with the children of God in Egypt, God sends His Word of freedom thru Moses. The same happened in Babylon, when God thru the prophet Jeremiah announced that at the end of 70 years of exile, they shall go back home. It is the same with Jacob. God has spoken and God shall lead the long way home.


What are the signs that God changes direction in your life? There are two main ways God does it. The first is the pressure of circumstances and the second is by His Word. Jacob discovers that Laban does not treat well like in the past. His uncle’s sons are suddenly getting jealous because of his wealth. Jacob’s wives have a new desire to go away, leaving behind their wicked father. All these circumstances put pressure on Jacob’s mind to remember home. In Haran God blessed Jacob with marriage and children and great wealth. But there was no spiritual fruit. Now is time to go to Bethel, to become a man of God, a worshipper of God, to fulfill destiny proclaimed.

If things seem rough and you lose favor with men, then fast and pray, for God may be ready to change the direction of your life. I am not saying a physical change but a spiritual change. God wants to re-direct your life to a place where you become spiritually fruitful, where you do more ministry than business, more worship than office meetings. This is more than what the world calls promotion. This is destiny fulfilled!


This is a great encouragement to all believers, especially to the backsliders. God may be silent for years, but God is not dead. Suddenly, His voice will sound upon the waters of your troubles and announces the change of direction, a new life to begin. This is a spiritual U-turn that will bring you back to the place of pure vision and power.

Then we sang: “Yes, Lord…From the bottom of my heart and from the depth of my soul, I say Yes, completely yes, my soul says yes!”

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