This testimony is given for the glory of God, to shame the devil and to encourage the brethren!

There is a girl in our church. She is 12 years old. I know her and her parents since she was born. Translated in English, her name translated means ‘The Gift of God’. She has a very gentle and sensitive spirit and loves God very much, a true worshipper. Spiritually and mentally, she is more mature than her age. She is an inspiration to many. She is very faithful to all church activities. She is a very good student and an obedient child.


This is the story: About six months ago she started fainting for no good reason. Once she was found in the church’s toilet during the service. The parents will find her down, unconscious.  At the beginning, these episodes were about once a week. Later, they became daily. Because of this strange sickness she could not go to school. The doctor examined her and said that she does not have feeling in her left arm. He thought it was a mass in the brain and suggested many tests. I can say that the parents love God and had faith that God will grant a miracle. But it was not easy to witness this strange sickness in their daughter.

During one of our services, the parents literarily carried their daughter to the sanctuary. The mother told me that in the afternoon she fainted during her sleep. They tried to wake her up to go to church and she did not respond. But they came anyway. Gift looked pale and very weak. Suddenly I got very angry with the devil in my spirit. I cannot manufacture this anger ‘at will’. It is the work of the Holy Spirit and very necessary in warfare prayer. It is an anger that increases faith in God and His miracles.


I lead the brethren in prayer for deliverance and healing. Gift came to the altar and weeping she prayed for herself too. As young as she is, she is a member of the Saturday class choir and she wanted to be healed to go back and sing. She promised God that if He heals her, she will serve Him more and give Him all the glory. The anointing was there to heal the sick. O, blessed anointing…wonderful power released in time of need…no manipulations, no gimmick…just the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst…O, sweet comfort and victory…

Then I told Gift that by faith she should go back to the choir. There was no liberty for me to preach, so I decided that all of us should praise God for the miracle of God. We did so with songs in English and Nigerian languages…we did so with dancing round and round the sanctuary…we praised God with instruments, with clapping of hands and shouts of “Jesus, Jesus…” I forgot about Gift. Praising God was now more important than any other thing. But just before closing, I saw that Gift looked so much better, singing in the choir, praising God like she used to do in the past. Her face was no longer pale. She looked alive, that is the best way to describe the change on her countenance. Joy flooded my soul!


This story happened exactly four weeks ago. All the brethren who attended that prayer meeting can testify to it. She was healed that evening. She never had a fainting attack since then. Four days later, the father went with her to do ‘brain x-ray and scan’ because they already had booked for that. The doctor saw no abnormality. She was sent home without a diagnosis. Glory to God!

All the glory goes to God! Let your faith rise! Believe in the God of miracles! What do you lose if you believe? For nothing is impossible with God!


“One day Jesus was teaching… And the power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick” (Lk 5:17)


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