In the Bible there are good and bad examples of people who had dreams and who made vows.



*God gave Jacob a dream. Jacob made a vow to pay his tithe. His dream came true and he kept his vow.

*Hannah desired children. She made a vow to the God who ‘shut her womb’ that if she has a son, he will be given to God for His service. God answered her prayer and Samuel was born. As soon as it was possible, she kept her vow and gave the little boy to the temple. In response to that, God blessed her with more children.

* Prophet Jonah vowed to give glory to God for his salvation



*Jepthah was a man of war and a judge of Israel. He made a foolish vow to God, that if he wins the war, he shall offer the first ‘thing’ that will come out of the gate of his house (Jdg 11:30, 31). Possibly he thought it will be an animal. He won the victory. Coming home happily, he was met by his daughter, who was his only child. Wise beyond her years, the girl understood and cooperated with his vow. She never married and lived her life as a living sacrifice, a reminder that God takes vows seriously.

*Absalom wanted to be king. His father David was on the throne and if he was patient he could have been the next king. But he was rebellious and wanted to fulfill his own dream thru evil means. He sounded so religious…he told his father that he vowed to offer a sacrifice to God. He deceived his father and manipulated the people of Israel. He finally succeeded… Absalom is now the new king… But he sat on the throne just few days before he died a shameful death. God can never bless rebellious dreams!



Think long and pray before making vows to God. Do not make vows that you know you cannot keep. Do not involve others in making vows (remember Jepthah!). As a pastor, father or husband, over-rule foolish vows made by your family or congregation (Nu 30). That is the duty and authority of spiritual covering. If you have any doubts, it is better not to make vows to God. The only exception will be the marriage vow.

The holy divine protocol for angels and men is to come to the presence of God with a heart of worship. Fear God who is in heaven for you are like dust on earth! Come to His presence with a desire to listen to the Word of God. Be careful with your words. Do not talk too much, especially when in church! Do not over commit yourself. “Be quick to hear and slow to speak… Serve God with trembling…Work out your salvation with fear and trembling…”



Be like God who is faithful to all His vows and promises!

*God vowed to David that his son shall be King forever. The promise came thru in Christ, who is the Son of David!

*God vowed that every knee shall bow before Christ, the Son of the Living God:

“I have sworn by Myself;

The word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness,

And shall not return,

That to Me every knee shall bow…” (Is 45:23)


In Christ I declare:

By God’s grace I shall be faithful to my marriage vows!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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