The women fellowship in our church, we shall fast daily for the month of January. No solid food until 12, 3 or 6 pm (select one option). You can drink water or fluids. The theme is: “Stop tolerating Jezebel!”. We shall fast, pray and praise God. We shall break our fast at home.
Our prophetic theme as a church for 2015 is “Be strong and courageous!” (Josh 1:9). We shall be strong and courageous and do exploits!
This is warfare against the powers of darkness who try to destroy our lives, marriages, families, children, grandchildren, businesses and ministries. We expect great results. The sick shall be healed! The oppressed shall be delivered! The weak shall become strong! The poor shall become rich! The barren shall become fruitful! The baby Christians shall become spiritually mature! Revival shall come to us!
In Jesus name, Amen!

(If you feel the need to fast and pray, then join us! Even if you are a man, that is ok! Signs and wonders shall be your portion! We shall surely have great testimonies at the end of January! To the glory of God!)

We added a new prayer request concerning the prayer and fast in January 2015: anyone, man or woman, who has been abused as a boy or girl, while living in their parents home, sexually, mentally, spiritually or physically shall be healed and delivered from the effects of such sins and move forward in life. The evil spirit of Jezebel who stayed in such strongholds who has tormented many until they are now adults, with unclean thoughts, guilt, strange sicknesses and poverty shall be defeated, In Jesus name, Amen!. These men and women shall be free to marry, be happily married with children, prosper financially, serve God like never before and fulfill destiny! We expect great things in 2015! Let your faith increase! God is on our side! Be strong and courageous! The testimonies shall come! All glory to God! In Jesus name, Amen!

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