Today we went to Abraka for picnic. Bro. V, wife and their four children came to kneel down as a family near Pastor and I. (This is a Nigerian custom of extreme honor). He was very emotional. He said that exactly a year ago at the picnic 2013, he was a new comer to our church. He said I told him that in one year he will have his own house. He said that he was surprised at my words but he believed.

At that time he was a jobless man, almost begging for food. He previously had a house but a pastor at his former church manipulated him and he gave him his house as a gift. Since then he and his family have lived as poor tenants. He became bitter against all pastors. Until a friend invited him to come to Father’s House. He started building another house but because of lack of money, he stopped at the ‘lintel’ .

This year they decided to come back to God and serve Him the best they can. His wife and their children came often to work at the new church site. The wife became a usher in our church. They believed that if you build God’s house, He will built yours. Suddenly God opened doors. He got some jobs that paid him well.
Kneeling down today, they said that the prophecy came to pass. Last week they finished painting and entered their new house. They were humbled and very grateful that God directed their steps to Father’s House. They have matured spiritually and became blessed financially. To God be all the glory!

“Let the weak be strong!” (Joel 3:10)

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