“My heart is overflowing with a good theme;
I recite my composition concerning the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer” (Ps 45:1)

Must believers are satisfied to stay in the shadows. They are happy with just a little increase. There are very few believers that are truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Prophet Ezekiel saw a river cascading from under the throne of God. Many walk along the River of Life afraid to be wet; to some the water reaches to the knees, to others, to the waist. But very few know how to swim in that River, how to ‘get lost’ in the mystery of the Gospel. The tongue must be ready to speak the unsearchable things of Christ. God loves the artistic expression of our worship. You can sing a new song; you can write a new poem or draw a rainbow on the wall. If you do it for Jesus, He will appreciate it. ‘My heart overflows with a good theme…’ In Hebrew, to overflow it means to gush out, to experience a sudden violent outpouring of free flow of life from within. Your words will run freely out from you, like a water-fall, like a cascade, like a flood. Your breath will be like a breeze of life, refreshing others around you. You will become excited, dancing, jumping, clapping hands and shouting “Jesus!!!” All that wicked passivity, laziness, sickness and weakness shall disappear. The Holy Spirit will fill you. It will be suddenly… You shall become strong and courageous; romantic and holy; fruitful and joyful; attractive and generous! People will not be able to reject you, because you contain the very words of life. Yes, it is a good theme! I love You, King Jesus!

When is the last time that your heart has experienced this supernatural spiritual overflow? When last was your heart bubbling with the very excitement of life eternal? When last you heart became a volcano of passion and love for Jesus? When last were you free indeed?


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