This is a wonderful testimony from a young man who attends our church. To God be all the glory! May your faith increase! God is not a respecter of persons! Faith is a extremely strong spiritual chemistry! Read and be blessed!

“Good Evening Malia,
I am writing you this letter to testify to the glory of God, the Owner and Creator of all things. I am so blessed since this season to meet with Jehovah Jireh. I have thought having to feed the family and being prosperous is what you were talking about under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but not until yesterday…
I had a misunderstanding with my wife because she used up all the money we had in the house and both in the bank for irrelevant things, I was sore bitter angry with her , and to top it all she came home late with the baby sick and having temperature, and now no single dime with me!! I became numb in my feelings to her and fear came to my mind that something might happen to our baby. I began praying in the spirit. Then the Lord whispered to me to take the baby to the hospital, I replied Lord, I have no money at all! , and moreover it was very late , so I promised the Lord I will take the baby to the hospital in Morning, and told my wife that we will go to the hospital in the morning while they are in the hospital I will go and look for money.

Morning came… with faith we left for the hospital. On our way, I got a message on my phone from a colleague who used our equipment and ran away because of marine police who ceased the equipment. I was surprised at his message and told him “how far u don get my money ready?” He told me to call him. I was very ready to quarrel. I called him and before I could say “where you” he asked me to bring my account, immediately I heard the soft whisper of the Lord ‘send it to him’…. Which I did … As we got to the hospital, I didn’t tell my wife what my communication was with the man, I dropped them with the doctor and told them to carry on that I will be back. Confidently I drove off, with my head full of thoughts. Then I got an alert on my phone, and behold, 1million was paid into my bank account.

At the end of today as I type this message me and my wife are happy and smiling as usual and baby have taken his medication and we have more than enough…. God’s providence covers all our needs. We have a Better understanding of Jehovah Jireh, He shows up when you know you have no other option but to trust HIM.

God bless you Ma,
You son in Christ


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