“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail”(PV 19:21)

We are almost at the end of our journey, for now… It is interesting for me to look back and analyze the trip in totality. We have prayed at the beginning that God should lead, provide, protect and be in charge. We had some needs and many wants. We needed to buy the ACs for our new sanctuary. That was a great project. We had some anxiety about the way we shall fulfill it in less than two weeks.

Looking back I can confirm these statements: God has indeed heard our prayer/ God has lead the way/ God has provided much more than our calculations/ God has given us supernatural favor with the dealers and shippers/ God had helped us with a deals than we could have imagined/ God helped us to finish the arrangements faster than we thought, giving us an allowance of four days to just rest and visit with the family/ God proved to us that anxiety was not necessary/ God proved to be our God/ God rewarded our faith in Him!

I love God! Not only I love Him but I really like God as a Person, a Friend! Human beings make many plans, hoping that one will be acceptable by God. The many plans bring confusion and anxiety when thinking about the success of a project. In contrast, God never makes many plans. He always has only one plan, to glorify Himself in our lives and circumstances. That is His purpose. He never repents, never changes. God never regrets anything! God can never be disappointed. His unique plan overrules the many petty plans we surround ourselves with, just to feel secure. God is sovereign and Almighty! He has all the resources and power to do all things, just for His pleasure. He then shares His joy with us! Our duty as children is to find out the ‘one purpose’ of God for our lives. Thru prayer and the study of the Word, God will graciously reveal His unique plan that never fails. All creation, all circumstances have to align with God’s perfect will. My strong desire is to stop making useless plans for myself, and to understand, to obey God’s unbeatable plan for my life and for my family. Then I walk in glory!
In Jesus name, amen!

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