“And so train the young women to love their husbands and children” (Tit 2:4)

Yesterday was our last day in Houston (for now). I chose to spend it in our daughter’s kitchen. We went to buy groceries to cook Nigerian beef stew. Her husband asked her why are we not doing more ‘fun stuff’? I told him that reminding Jemine of the classical recipe for Nigerian stew is fun enough for me. The best way to teach cooking is to be practical: how many ‘tatashi’ pepper (American style) combined with hot pepper and tomatoes… how to fry them, not too much and not too little… If you are a Nigerian, you know what I mean…

To be ‘a far away mother’ is not easy. I can talk and pray with her on the phone but some things must be done face to face. Cooking stew, for example, must be done together, hands on, in the kitchen. The taste, the look, the smell, the color…all must be right. I don’t want her to miss the stew in my absence. I don’t want her to cook it in any other way. She was born in Nigeria and she should do it right. Thank God Matthew likes it too.

Then we talked some ‘deep’ things about marriage, children, church and life in general. Today I feel like a mother and I am happy. Thank You Lord Jesus! For the pleasure of simple things in life, for the gift of being a mother, a grandmother… For family and friends, when I can be myself and do what I want! Without apologies… I am grateful, Lord!

2 comments on “TRAINING THE YOUNG

  1. loriloganvance says:

    I praise God for a successful visit! And I am happy that I got to see you while you were here!

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