“All the nations You have made will come and worship before You, Lord; they will bring glory to Your name” (Ps 86:9)

We came back to Nigeria yesterday evening. The country was still counting the votes for the election of the president. At the international airport things went smoothly. Less begging, greetings for money, manipulation or oppression. From the airport to the hotel we did not see any car or human being. The streets were deserted. It was quiet everywhere. in the past, men will fight on the streets causing confusion. We have a driver friend who comes to help us each time we need him. He told us that “if it is not for you oga, I could not have come”. He said that all people in Lagos feared violence that is why they stayed indoors. The fear of God was strong in the land. The next day at the domestic airport things went well too. No more pushing, jumping the line, quarreling or talking loudly. The plane to Warri was supposed to leave at 8 am. It was raining. I thought that we shall wait there for hours. That it is how it was in the past. Any excuse is good to break the law. But it left 8:15 without any incidents. In conclusion, coming back to Nigeria was much better, easier and better than in the past.

As I am written this note, the final winner of the election has not yet been announced. But God has answered our prayer for peace in the land. I feel that a demon, a territorial spirit has left Nigeria. We have been praying against the wicked evil spirit of Jezebel who keeps nations in bondage. Since yesterday I feel that the demon has lost its ground and has abandoned Nigeria. Spiritually speaking I felt a new sense of hope for this troubled country. Light is shining. I feel free. I live in Nigeria since 1980. I never felt so good, so proud, so happy to come home. In the past, men and women look foolish or fake on the TV. But now I saw a wisdom, humility, good healthy patriotism and a new sense of responsibility. Whoever they will announce as the winner of the elections, one thing is for sure: Things will be better because Nigeria is born again today! I believe therefore I have spoken! Blessings on all who pray for Africa, for the believers in Nigeria in particular! God bless Nigeria! Praise the Lord!!!!!!

2 comments on “NIGERIA IS BORN AGAIN

  1. linda bendele says:

    God has heard your faithful prayers for the nation in which He has placed you and your ministry. He is blessing you as you have blessed His people.
    Praising Him for you and His works in Nigeria. Love, sister in Christ. Linda

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