“Give honor to marriage” (Heb 13:4).

This is a comment I received from a young sister who read the previous letter. She is also a young beautiful woman of God, in university right now. I confirm that she is a committed born again believer; she chose sexual abstinence until her wedding day. She is involved in her school fellowship. Her parents attend our church. We chat quite often so I am able to confirm that she is a child of God. I believe that her response will encourage many young singles like her!

“Good evening Malia.
I read your post today about your conversation with a girl about praying for a godly marriage. I was encouraged as well. My mom always told me and my siblings to pray for our future spouse, but honestly there were times I didn’t want to pray I felt like there wasn’t any need ,and that I had better things to do and think about than praying to get married. But now I see differently, I no longer see marriage as something that will tie me down from being all God created me to be. If anything I desire to marry a godly man who I will partner with in serving God. I also realize young women like myself need mentors to teach them how to be godly women and am glad I have you in my life, you are a good example of a godly wife and mother ,and I have learnt so much from you”

My answer to her:
Dear …
This is the Word of God: “Give honor to marriage” (Heb 13:4). In Greek, the word ‘honor’ means to evaluate something as very costly, something that is dear to your body and soul, something that will increase your reputation. This command is to all people, male and female, young and old, singles and married. To refuse to pray about your future marriage means to disobey the Command of God and to refuse to give the proper value to something so expensive. That means by not praying for your marriage, you cheat yourself. That is what the devil wants you to do.

Your idea that you have ‘better things to do than to pray for marriage’ is taken from the world. In particular it is the influence of the feminists who serve the Jezebel seducing spirit. You need to pray, first of all, that God will open your eyes to see any connection with such spirit and the need for possible deliverance. Then you shall be filled with the Holy Spirit, with peace and joy as a proof. After you do all these, then you start praying for your future husband. God will answer your prayer in His own time and His own way. Please remember that next to your relationship with God is the relationship you have with yourself. Next to that, on the third place, as priorities in life, is marriage. Now you see that you need to invest in your future with specific prayers.
Lastly let me say this: I know that you are a committed believer, a young woman of God and I declare that you shall be a happily married wife and mother one day! Keep in touch. I wish you well.
Love in Christ alone,


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