“Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him” (1Sam 1:17)

Hannah is a sorrowful woman. She has a good husband who loves her. She has ‘a good life’. But without children, she is not complete. We are created to be fruitful, to give glory to God. Bareness is painful and shameful.

Her enemies are many. Her mate provokes her daily. She is called ‘an adversary’. In Hebrew the word means to provoke, to push to the wall, to oppress or to shut up someone in a cage. That is what Peninah did to Hannah with her words and attitude. The reaction was anger, frustration and depression. The second enemy was her husband. Though a good man, he misunderstands his wife. He does not get it why his wife insists to have a son to please God. Lastly, God is her ‘enemy’. God ‘shuts up’ her womb. It seems that Hannah wants to please God by giving Him a boy, a man of God to serve Him. But God does not accept her offering.

What can Hannah do? Her name means the Grace of God. Hannah goes to God! She weeps and she refuses to be comforted by men. One day, while still at Shiloh, she arises from the pool or tears and goes alone before the God of Israel, the same God who shut her womb and her future. She prays, she worships and she makes a vow. The high priest Eli pronounces blessings upon her in the name of Lord. This is the grace of God! Hannah gets up from that place a different woman. She knows that she has prayed through! She touched the grace of God! Her problems, her pain became a prayer and her prayer will become her praise. This is the secret: Her burden of sorrow is lifted as she spends time in prayer. In the presence of God there is fullness of joy! The sorrow became supplication and supplication became her song!

Our problems, if they come from the devil or even from God, are not supposed to destroy us. These come to drive us to God, to the place of prayer, intimacy, worship and communion. Saints all over the world testify to the Grace of God, to the light shining in the darkness, to strength perfected in weakness, to healing, to sudden refreshing, to revival, to a great inspiration coming in the middle of boredom, to miracles and breakthrough. Remember that we do not merit miracles! It is the Grace of God revealing Christ Crucified and Resurrected! Be encouraged! May the story and the testimony of Hannah, the Grace of God, be your portion today!

In Christ I declare:

I am encouraged!

I have peace!

God has granted my petition!

My miracle has come!

I shall testify to the Grace of God upon my life!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name



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